Things to Eat in Macao – Where and What to Eat

Egg tart best food in macau

Ever since the time of Portuguese ruling, Macao’s food scene has evolved and made a name for itself, thanks to the unique influence from both the East and West, creating the most distinct fusion dishes.

The local Macanese food has made a name for itself, with the sprouting of many Michelin-star restaurants all around the city. It would certainly be a pity if you miss out on the things to eat in Macao when you’re here!

In case you’re looking for what to eat in Macao, below we share some of the best food in Macao and where to find them, including some of the best street food and affordable restaurants in Macao.

Where to eat the best food in Macao

1. Egg tart at Margeret’s Café, San Hou Lei or Lord Stow’s Bakery

Egg tart best food in macau

Following my craze for Lisbon’s NATA custard tarts, Macao’s egg tarts are another must, if only to reminisce on the good old times indulging in custard tarts for breakfast and tea, all day every day.

If you haven’t already tasted Macao’s egg tarts – either in Macao, Portugal, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines or Singapore where they have opened franchises in, these egg tarts are addictive because of its sweet, soft, creamy middle and crisp flaky outer skin.

It’s hard to content who serves the best egg tart in Macao – Margeret’s Café or Lord Stow’s Bakery. Even San Hou Lei has upped their ante, so you’ll have plenty of reasons to try from them all and compare!

2. Pork chop buns at Tai Lei Loi Kei Café or Sei Kee Café

pork chop bun, best food in macau

After a sweet start to your food hunt in Macao, time for the savoury!

Sinking your teeth into the perfectly toasted bun and the juicy, succulent, marinated pork chop in between, your stomach juices will instantly rumble for more. The crispy skin combined with the soft bun from Macao’s pork chop buns is the result from the bun being toasted just the right temperature and duration.

Trust me, this made-in-Macao pork chop bun delight will satisfy any cravings you have!

3. Almond Cookies at Choi Heong Yuen Bakery

Choi Heong Yuen cookie almond cookie, best food in macau


I’m never a fan of almond-flavoured anything (except whole almonds itself), and I won’t lie by saying how much I like Macao’s Almond Cookies.

But I can understand why many swoon over it. It’s sweet, powdery soft (so soft that it melts in your mouth) with surprise bits of crushed whole almonds to tantalize your taste buds.

It’s quite the perfect take-home souvenir to prolong your fond memories of the food in Macao.

4. Steamed milk pudding at Leitaria I Son

milk pudding at Leitaria I Son, best food in macau


As the name implies, Macao’s milk pudding is made with milk as the predominant ingredient. Another of Macao’s fine sweet treat, the texture of the milk pudding is so smooth and silky that you cannot help but scoop spoonfuls of it delicately, as if gulping it down would ruin the dessert.

Tastes just as good hot or cold, rumour has it that this is the secret recipe for smooth skin!

5. Seaweed pork floss rolls

Seaweed pork floss best food in macau

Seaweed pork floss rolls are another excellent idea to pack back home. Made with seaweed, pork floss, egg and flour, the combination of sweet, salty, crunchy and soft makes it hard to resist, and rightfully so.

You surely can’t miss out trying a freshly made, piping hot biscuit roll if you pass a street food cart stall along the streets. The feeling you get from the brittleness of the roll is one you cannot replicate with the ones that are pre-packed.

6. Street food

street food best food in macau

Speaking of street food, Macao is not short of it. Because of that, it’s hard to pass a verdict on the best street food in Macao.

Whether it is a foreign-looking object you have reservations for, or a treat dripping with sugar, I suggest you put away your reservations and go for the free samples along the way!

Meat jerky, skewers and crunchy peanut candy are some of the common street food stalls you will encounter.

With meat jerky, there are various flavours you can try – from hot and spicy to honey roasted.

The peanut candies are everyone’s favourite treat – peanuts, sugar and sesame seeds can never go wrong.

7. African chicken at Litoral Restaurant or Restaurante Escada

Why come to Macao for African chicken, you may wonder. It’s queer, it seems, but the dish in fact originates from Macao. This African chicken, so they call it, is a barbecued chicken coated with spicy piri piri sauce.

This dish is inspired from the Portugal rule, when the Portuguese introduced the original African chicken to Macao – chicken coated in a peanut, tomato, and chili sauce.

As such, a lot of the local cuisine, like this African chicken, is an amalgamation of Cantonese and Portuguese cuisines with influences from the European, Indian, African and Southeast Asians.

Don’t miss out on the Portuguese fried rice to go along with the African chicken sauce.

Litoral Restaurant is one the few restaurants that specializes in Macanese food, so if you’re on the hunt for local delicacies, you’d want to visit Litoral.

8. Portuguese baked duck rice at Miramar Portuguese Restaurant

portuguese-duck-rice, best food in macau


Have a taste of Portugal with this Portuguese-made dish. According to tradition, it is known as a celebratory dish, and most commonly found during festive occasions such as Christmas and New Year.

The duck is first cooked in a broth, before the flesh is removed and shredded. The broth is then used to flavour the rice, giving it a rich, aromatic flavour.

9. Crab porridge at Seng Cheong Restaurant

Crab Soup, best food in macau

Adding flavour to a regular Asian porridge, the crab porridge is unique to Macao. If you do decide to give it a try, Seng Cheong Restaurant is one of the more affordable restaurants in Macao well known for its Crab Congee. Come here with an empty stomach, because their serving sizes are huge – enough to fuel 3 to 4 Asian stomachs!

10. Durian ice cream at Mok Yi Kei

With durian, you either love it or hate it. Durian is distinct to Asia, though not so much of Macao.

However, the durian ice cream from Mok Yi Kei will certainly shout at your senses. If durian is not your thing (it’s definitely not mine), this all-time favourite dessert store also serves a host of other dessert flavours and they are sure to satisfy any sweet palate.

With so much good food in Macao thanks to the vast combination of different influences, the local Macao food is truly distinct and one-of-a-kind. Make your hotel reservation for your Macao trip already!

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