Locals Spill Their Hometown Secrets

must see Carousel nederland colarado

Visiting a city you’ve never been but not sure what you cannot miss? No recommendation is better than hearing from the horse’s mouth. In this case, it’s hearing what locals personally recommend from their own city. I posed a question to the local experts from around the world: What is one unique thing you have to […]

12 Cities to Celebrate This Christmas

Rio de Janeiro; 12 Cities to Celebrate This Christmas

 As we countdown to the most magical time of the year, enhance your year-end getaway with yuletide nostalgia by visiting these enchanting cities for exceptional experiences, set to get you in the festive spirit of taking off. What’s better is that Emirates flies to all these destinations, most with just a quick stopover in Dubai, […]

Ulm, Germany

Took a walk at night to see Ulm, Albert Einstein’s birthplace! Ulm cleverly combines futuristic with medieval in the little heart of its city. Their iconic cathedral has in fact the tallest steeple, at 161.5m high! Apparently this clock tells not only of the time, but also your zodiac, the moon and the dates! The sloping roofs […]

Europe Trip – 6 Months, 16 Countries, 55 Cities, 11 Languages

bel around the world

55 cities, 16 countries. That’s one third of the 44 countries in Europe. And 8% of the world, out of the 195 countries in the world. And that’s the number of places I’ve covered in 6 months while travelling around Europe from January to June 2015. I’ve discovered a world far bigger than I’ve imagined. In chronological order, […]

Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg Germany

Our first stop from Frankfurt after reuniting with Brigitte was Heidelberg! To find out about the reason behind this reunion, the story goes like this: A Tale of A Touching Reunion Across Continents, After 25 Years. Love the weather and the buildings on this chilly May day. The old bridge: Heidelberg Castle: An old building that […]