Where To Stay In Cebu, Philippines – 8 Best Areas

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Cebu is an island in the Western Pacific that structures some part of the Philippines. The island comprises Cebu itself, on top of 167 islands and deltas. These islands and deltas make up a pleasant heaven.

Cebu is an enormous island with many different networks. As the Queen City of the South, this primary island brags plenty of activities to partake in.

One of the most evolved regions in the Philippines, Cebu is the most populated island in the nation. It’s no big surprise that Cebu pulls in travellers from all around the globe; they attract around 2,000,000 travellers every year!

Cebu City is its primary urban focus. The second biggest city in the Philippines is an energetic business and mechanical centre point, with present-day highlights like big shopping places and amusement alternatives to keep you occupied both day and night.

Fort de San Pedro cebuThe rest of Cebu Island isn’t as evolved. It has moving slopes and rough mountain ranges crossing the northern and southern lengths of the island, with the most elevated mountain that is more than 1,000 meters tall. The waterfront regions have seashores, fishing towns, mangrove woods and rich fishing grounds.

The 2 most popular spots on Cebu Island that will catch the enthusiasm of bold travellers are Moalboal on the east coast and Oslob on the west coast.

Of course, the island has so many other vacation spots to explore. Whether you’re hoping to party throughout the night, discover coral reefs, or relax on the beach, Cebu offers plenty of options without hardly lifting a finger.

This is the reason we set up this Philippines guide on where to stay in Cebu that suits your preferences. Below we highlight some options on the best hotels in Cebu, Philippines.

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8 Best Places To Stay in Cebu, Philippines

Neighbourhood #1 – Cebu City

Cebu City, where to stay in Cebu City, best neighbourhood in Cebu CityCebu City is the best place to stay if you’re visiting Cebu. It’s an occupied and lively city that amalgamates its assorted and rich history with present-day engineering.

On the off chance that you love to shop, Cebu City is for you! This flourishing city is home to various astounding shopping centres and strip malls. You’ll also find an immense range of neighbourhood shops and boutiques lining Cebu City’s humming roads. There are likewise some stunning Cebu Airbnbs around there.

The extraordinary framework of Cebu implies that visitors can put in a couple of days in Cebu City before proceeding onward to one of the islands for a needed beach break!

Cebu City is the biggest and most established city in the Philippines. This makes the clamouring city a centre point of history, culture and vitality all folded into one.

Some best hotels in Cebu City are as follows:

Where to stay in Cebu City, Philippines

Neighbourhood #2 – Malapascua

Malapascu, where to stay in cebu, best neighbourhood in cebu, philippines

Malapascua is a confined and calm island situated off the northern bank of Cebu Island. It’s little and unspoiled with brilliant beaches. In case you’re searching for a secluded and calm island escape, Malapascua Island can offer you that. It’s an untainted island comprising 8 villages. You’ll find palm trees, rich green wilderness and turquoise waters. This place is everything you are looking for to relax.

You can stroll around Malapascua in around 3 hours. With such a great amount of extra time, you can invest the rest of your energy unwinding on one of the white sandy beaches, the most popular one being Bounty Beach. This small island is a well-known spot for scuba divers and swimmers. Divers can swim close to manta rays in clear waters.

Encounter some world-class diving with manta rays or explore the island from its lavish green fauna to the dazzling stretches of sandy beaches. Malapascua Island offers a genuine taste of West Pacific heaven.

The retreats on Malapascua Island offer all that you’d expect from an extraordinary island. Certain hotels offer high-class living in beachfront rooms. You’ll find the best beach resorts in Cebu here.

Malapascua is also the best place to stay in Cebu if you’re on a budget. In case you’re searching for a getaway in heaven that won’t burn up all your travel funds, Malapascua is the spot for you!

Where to stay in Malapascua, Cebu

Best Family Hotels in Malapascua

Best Luxury Hotels in  Malapascua

Best Budget Hotels in Malapascua

Neighbourhood #4 – Moalboal

Underwater_Moalboal_cebu philippines (1)Moalboal is the coolest place to stay in Cebu in my opinion. It’s an unassuming community set on Cebu’s southwestern coast. It offers a variety of mind-boggling activities as well as a taste of bona fide Filippino culture.

Moalboal is separated into two principle territories: Panagsama and White Beach.

Encircled by coral reefs, Moalboal is an amazing location for sea lovers. You can discover beautiful corals and swim with extraordinary fishes in clear turquoise waters. Another activity you can do is sardine run, where you chase schools of sardine underwater.

Climbers and trekkers will also appreciate what Moalboal has to offer. The region is canvassed in thick tropical rainforests with waterways.

Challenge yourself by canyoneering at Kawasan Falls. Slide, jump, meander, swim and balance through rocks in the valley leading to the famed waterfall, and we promise you’d be spent at the end of the day.

Moalboal is a popular spot that travellers and even locals love to visit. It makes for the ideal end-of-week escape from the clamour of the city.

Where to stay in Moalboal, Cebu

Best Budget Hotels in Moalboal

Best Hotels For Convenience in Moalboal

Neighbourhood #5 – Lapu-Lapu

Lapu-Lapu, where to stay in cebu, best neighbourhood in cebu, philippines Lapu-Lapu is a little island situated east of Cebu City. It’s the busiest region of the city and is a stopover for many travellers.

Lapu-Lapu is a wonderful island with lovely beaches, palm trees and sparkling sky-blue waters. Pure Lapu is an ideal place to stay in Cebu for families since it has a brilliant choice of activities.

The city has a primary air terminal of the district with a great variety of hotels near beaches. There are a few diving centres that can satisfy your diving craving. Island hop and snorkel around Kontiki, Talima, Tinggo, Hilutungan (haven), Nalusuan (asylum), Shangri-la and Cordova.

Here are some of the Cebu hotels near a beach:

Where to stay in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu

Neighbourhood #06 – Oslob

whale shark, Oslob, where to stay in Oslob, best neighbourhood in cebu, philippinesOslob is a little waterfront town with a population of 30,000 individuals. It’s a popular stopover between islands with a few vacation spots to offer to its guests who stop by.

Found right on the Southeast tip of Cebu Island, it’s most notable for being the best spot to swim with whale sharks. There are also a few different attractions to look at in Oslob, but none as famous as the great whale sharks.

Oslob itself is a delightful area, commanded by an assortment of scenes. From moving slopes and valleys to lavish backwoods and open prairies, Oslob also offers different central points and vacation spots, like the Baluarte (Watchtower), the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the Cuartel, and Sumilon Island.

Where to stay in Oslob, Cebu

Neighbourhood #07 – Bantayan

Bantayan, where to stay in Bantayan, best neighbourhood in Bantayan

Situated only west of the northern tip of Cebu Island and over the Tañon Strait lies the flawless island of Bantayan.

Bantayan is the ideal beach resort to stay in as it’s so quiet and serene, with only 40 spots to stay. It’s an island with a drowsy fishing town called Santa Fe.

The best way to get around Bantayan is to rent a bike or tricycle.

There are various dazzling beaches to find around the island, including 4 that are close to Santa Fe. The other must-do is to find the Obo-Ob Mangrove Eco Park, which can be reached by boat, kayak or by walking.

If you need to unwind on fine white sand seashores and swim in warm blue waters, this is the ideal spot for you!

Where to stay in Bantayan, Cebu

Best Family Hotels in Bantayan

Best Hotels For Convenience in Bantayan

Best Budget Hotels in Bantayan

Neighbourhood #08 – Mactan

Mactan, where to stay in Mactan, best neighbourhood in Mactan

Despite being urbanized and populated, Mactan is the best place to stay in Cebu for families looking for family-friendly hotels.

Named a coral island, Mactan flaunts immaculate, clear waters and Instagrammable views.

There is such a wide array of things to do on Mactan Island, such as beaches to explore, as well as water and land activities to keep you occupied – the sky’s the limit!

The coastline is shielded, making for particularly quiet waters and safe swimming conditions. The waters are made beautiful with thick coral reefs and stunning marine life, so you can enjoy scuba diving at its best.

I must also add that the beaches are made of finely crushed coral that it feels so great to sink your toes in them.

The island offers the best beach resorts in Cebu that suit every budget – from budget hotels to 5-star ones.

Where to stay in Mactan, Cebu

Cebu beyond the city centre is a downright heaven. Brilliant sand seashores, rich wildernesses and shining blue waters are things that pull travellers in from all around the globe to the Philippines.

Not to mention, this amazing city has extraordinary nightlife. If Cebu and its surrounding islands call to you, don’t hesitate to live the best moments of your life already!

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