5 Best Ski Tracks in the World

Japan snow, Best Ski Tracks in the World

Aside from being immensely fun, I have been told skiing is also an incredibly healthy activity! First of all, it strengthens your bones and joints, as well as your lower body muscles. Second, it increases your balance, core strength and flexibility. Lastly, it boosts your mood, improves your sleep and even benefits your cardiovascular endurance. […]

16 Best Christmas Vacations for Families

Rio de Janeiro; 12 Cities to Celebrate This Christmas

 As we countdown to the most magical time of the year, enhance your year-end getaway with yuletide nostalgia by visiting these enchanting cities for exceptional experiences, set to get you in the festive spirit of taking off. Travelling at Christmas time is a great way to relax during this hectic time of year. You won’t […]

12 Best Beaches In The World To Bookmark – Part 1

12 Best Beaches In The World To Include In Your Bucketlist

To satisfy my obsession with some of the world’s best beaches, I’ve compiled some of the best beaches in the world, thanks to the contributions of travellers from around the world (and might I add, some of the best bodies too? 😉 )! Also included are some bikini/ swimsuit inspiration for you to expand your […]

Thank you, Stranger

“Thank you for making my experience in Paris, and Europe for that matter, such a wonderful and heartwarming one. I have so much to thank you from the very moment I stepped into Paris.” Paris has been the first stop of my 6-month leg across Europe, the very first trip out of my home country […]

Europe Trip – 6 Months, 16 Countries, 55 Cities, 11 Languages

bel around the world

55 cities, 16 countries. That’s one third of the 44 countries in Europe. And 8% of the world, out of the 195 countries in the world. And that’s the number of places I’ve covered in 6 months while travelling around Europe from January to June 2015. Equipped with my Europe packing list, I set off to Europe for […]

Eze Village, France

Eze, oh Eze, is another day trip I made from Nice. It’s situated between Nice and Monaco. Eze is a little village with stone walls, narrow cobbled streets and exotic shops. I was profoundly excited upon entering the village after the laborious hike up. LOVE the clear crystal blue/ turquoise colours and white foamy waves! […]

Cannes, France

Cannes France | Bel Around The World

Cannes is somewhat similar to Nice, because of the deep blue oceans. It is situated also on the French Riveria. The difference between both beaches is the sandy beach instead of pebbles that encapsulates the sea. The waters are SO BLUE, there are actually different shades of blue in the waters. I have never seen […]

Lyon, France

lyon, france

Lyon can be characterised by orange roofs and shallow steps, I conclude. The passers-by are more polite than the North. They greet you as you pass them by. There is a huge population of school-going children and teenage athletes. A stark contrast compared to the retiring population I noticed in Nice. There were quite a […]