12 Best Hostels in Athens, Greece

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Athens, the capital city of Greece, has something to offer every taste, whether you prefer fine dining or experiencing the vibrant flavours of local lounges.

Explore a bit of graffiti everywhere you look that is totally enchanting and astonishing, or wander around the Plaka area to have a prelude to Santorini with the feel of being in a white-washed Greek island.

white houses shops mykonos greece, things to do in mykonosIsn’t it dreamy to get lost between the umbrage of grapes and roses and the winding streets? Witness the views from the top that are truly stunning and gaze far at the beautiful sea? Well, it’s probably the time you dare to make these dreams a reality!

This 19th-century neighbourhood was basically built by people from a small island called Anafi who came to Athens to work.

Athens is known to be less glamorous, but this place has plenty of hidden treasures. Besides leading landmarks, there are many archaeological sites dispersed across the city in unexpected places like metro stations. If you’re an archaeology lover, you will, of course, fully be obliged to the Acropolis, the most important ancient site in the Western world. Not forgetting the next door glass-and-steel Acropolis Museum as well.

If you’re looking for a taste of island life in Athens, you might want to walk around Anafiotika, a small residential area tucked beneath the towering Acropolis. We bet you wouldn’t want to miss what it looks like as the sunset creates a light pink haze over the city.

sunset mykonos-greece, things to do in mykonos

Since there are so many unique Greek specialties that begs to be explored anytime of the year, we’ve included a selection of the best hostels in Athens to start your journey from, where you can enjoy every moment of your stay and explore the most of the city.

12 Best Hostels in Athens, Greece – Our Recommendations

#1- City Circus Athens

Overall Best Hostel in Athens

City Circus Athens, best hostels in athens, greece

  • $$
  • Close distance to tourist attractions
  • Free WiFi

City Circus Athens is located in the centre of the city, at a close distance to metro stops, galleries, and food spots.

It’s just at a distance of 3 minutes from Monastiraki square and a 10-15 minute walk from all the main archaeological sites. Right next door, you can find a lot of cool restaurants and bars in Psirri.

One of the best hostels in Athens for people who want to discover most of the city with a free walking tour, see retro furniture and murals by local artists that make for a quirky, fun vibe.

The rooms are clean and the beds are very comfortable with outlets at each bed and lockers.

The staff here is super kind and can even help you with recommendations on what to do when in Athens. Take amazing photos for your Insta, use the free WiFi and make new travel buddies.

To see the city like a local, you can also rent a bike from the front desk.

#2- Athens Backpackers

Best Party Hostel in Athens

Athens Backpackers, best hostels in athens, greece

  • $$
  • Keyless entry
  • At a walking distance to main attractions
  • Free WiFi
  • Free breakfast

Athens Backpackers is located just between the temple of Olympian Zeus and the Acropolis. The building is fitted with smart technology throughout with coil heating/ cooling, smart lights, keyless entry and high-speed check-in.

This hostel is only a 3-minute walk from the Acropolis, 2-minute walk to Hadrian’s Arch, 5-minute walk to Temple of Zeus and 1 minute away from Plaka, the ancient cobblestone pathway that circles the city, and if you want to walk to the Acropolis Metro Station with direct access to the beach, it’s a mere 2 minutes walk away.

The staff here is amazing and ultra accommodating. This hostel features free WiFi, free breakfast and a rooftop sports bar with ongoing happy hour drink promotions.

Their new patented capsule beds have USB ports, power points and private mood lights so you can enjoy your own private space whenever you need to.

NOTE: The website calls it Athens Backpackers, but they’ve changed their name to Athens Studios. Don’t be confused; they just moved to a new building.

#3 – Athens Quinta

Best Hostel with Private Rooms in Athens

Athens Quinta, best hostels in athens, greece

  • $$
  • Pet-friendly
  • Free WiFi
  • Bedrooms with wardrobes

The Athens Quinta Hostel is located in the centre of Athens, in the heart of the city’s artistic, intellectual and cultural area. Athens Quinta is located just a few minutes from the Metro, countless bars, cafes, restaurants and cinemas.

This hostel is beautifully designed and decorated with vintage-style furniture and very unique artefacts. Its location makes it one of the best hostels in Athens for travellers who want to wander through the city and witness amazing sights.

They have bunk beds with lockers and double bedrooms with wardrobes, all of which overlook either the front promenade or the lovely outdoor yard.

The hostel also has few communal areas, such as a kitchen, a chill-out room, a laundry area and a yard. To add, the entire building is air-conditioned and provides free WiFi connection.

This hostel is also pet-friendly so you can enjoy every moment spent in Athens with your best buddy!

#4 – Zorbas Hotel

Best Budget Hostel in Athens

Zorbas Hotel, best hostels in athens, greece

  • $
  • Host a free walking tour
  • Free WiFi
  • Feature a range of room sizes

Zorbas Hotel is no doubt another best hostel in Athens, located on Victoria Square, in the heart of the city’s National Museum area.

There are so many cafés, restaurants, nightclubs and mini markets nearby and if you want to soak up some local history, you are in luck, as The Acropolis, Plaka and Lykavittos Hill are just 35-40 minutes away, and Pedion Areos is a 10-minute stroll.

They have cosy mixed dorm rooms and all of them are air-conditioned. They also feature a range of room sizes for you, whether you’re travelling solo or with your mates.

You can check in whenever you want at their 24-hour reception, hang out with other travellers in the common area, or simply chill watching Netflix on the free WiFi from the comfort of your bed.

Their super friendly staff can help you organise your time in Athens, whether you want to explore the ruins or check out the islands. They also host a free walking tour of Athens so you can get to know this iconic city inside and out.

#5 – Bedbox Hostel

Best High-End Hostel in Athens

Bedbox Hostel, best hostels in athens, greece

  • $$
  • Free WiFi
  • Lockers available
  • 24-hour front desk

This hostel is truly privileged because it is in the exact centre of the city. From here, you can easily reach some of the best tourist attractions and most renowned landmarks like the Roman Agora, National Garden, the Old Olympic Stadium and the Acropolis of the city just by walking a little. For this reason alone, you can count on this hostel being among the most popular hostels in Athens.

Bedbox Hostel features a terrace, a shared lounge, a spacious shared kitchen with a fridge and everything you may need; it even has an onsite bar!

This hostel also offers a 24-hour front desk and free WiFi.

Rooms here are clean, nice and they provide curtains which gives you a sense of privacy. Each bed also has its own power plug and a LED reading light, as well as big lockers where you can store your things. Locks are provided with no extra charge.

The staff here is really nice and helpful as they always have good restaurant and attraction options to offer.

They do not accept customers younger than 18 years of age.

Other Top-Rated Hostels in Athens, Greece

#6 – Athens Hub Hostel

Athens Hub Hostel, best hostels in athens, greece

  • $$
  • Private rooms
  • Female dorm
  • Free WiFi

Athens Hub Hostel is located near the Acropolis and tourist attractions. Absolutely trouble-free to get to/from the airport by bus or train as the stop is just a block away.

The staff here is friendly to everyone and welcomes backpackers from all around the globe who want to learn all about the unique, artistic, cultural, and historical facts that make Athens such a special city. It’s a vision of the living experience of the future.

You can take your pick from their range of mixed dormitories from 4- to 6- to 8-beds with shared bathrooms, female dorm rooms or private rooms with en suite bathrooms. All the rooms are clean, you’ll find all beds with fresh linens, a personal power supply and light, and personal lockers.

Free high-speed WiFi available in every corner of the hostel.

#7 – Pella-Inn

Pella-Inn, best hostels in athens, greece

  • $$
  • 24-hour on-desk reception
  • Free WiFi
  • Beautiful rooftop views

This location opens you up to Athens’ many historic sights. If you want to see the Acropolis up close, it’s just a 16-minute walk away. Monastiraki Square? Well, it’s just 3 minutes on foot and Syntagma Square is only 14 minutes away. This hostel is only an hour away from the airport.

Pella-Inn features private double rooms if you’re travelling as a couple. Their mixed and female-only dorms also have free linen and towels. And if you’re someone who is travelling alone, you can hang out in a common room with other visitors.

Take in the panoramic views of ancient Athens from their rooftop bar at the Pella-Inn Hostel or take a free walking tour to witness Athens’ other mesmerizing sights. At the end of the day, you can escape the heat in the air-conditioned common room and chill with their free WiFi.

Their reception is open 24 hours in case you decide to explore the streets of Athens at night.

#8 – Athens Hawks Hostel

Athens Hawks Hostel, best hostels in athens, greece

  • $$
  • High accommodation standard
  • Cooking sessions
  • Super friendly staff

Athens Hawks Hostel is located right in the heart of Athens, very close to public transportation.

They offer you a high accommodation standard in newly renovated rooms with private bathrooms. For their backpackers, they offer spacious dorms with their own lockers, drawers with lamps in either female or mixed dorm rooms.

The best thing about this hotel is its staff who are affable and helpful. They are willing to explain and give you friendly suggestions to explore new places. The staff team is doing programs for guests every day that are mostly free (and one of the reasons why this is one of our favourite hostels in Athens!). You can enjoy a free walking tour of the city in the morning and then a cooking session that same evening.

If you want to chill alone or surf the internet, there is free WiFi available everywhere in the hostel.

All hostel areas and rooms are neat and the kitchen is very well-equipped BUT take note that their dorm rooms have an age restriction, which is from age 18 to 40.

#9 – SmallFunnyWorld Athens

SmallFunnyWorld Athens, best hostels in athens, greece

  • $$
  • Colourful theme
  • Social lobby
  • Near main tourist attractions

SmallFunnyWorld Athens is just a few steps away from Monastiraki metro station, which has a direct connection to both Athens airport and the port of Athens. If you’re a history buff, you’ll be pleased to find the famous Acropolis and Greek Parliament Square just a 10-minute walk away.

Found in central Athens near most of the main tourist attractions, the hostel has a kinky design with some cool facilities. You will find colourful-themed rooms with plenty of space under and beside the beds for your bags, a sun-trap rooftop terrace and a social lobby area. Linens and towels come free in all rooms.

Their super friendly staff at the 24-hour reception desk will help you with whatever you might need in absolutely no time. You can also entertain yourself with plenty of board games, books, DVDs and of course, with the free WiFi.

#10 – Nubian Hostel Athens

Nubian Hostel Athens, best hostels in athens, greece

  • $$
  • Child-friendly
  • Lounge area in the back garden
  • Free WiFi
  • Free breakfast

The Nubian hostel is about a 15 minutes’ walk from the closest metro, and is straightforward to get to from the airport’s metro stop. There are several restaurants and cafes nearby, with cheaper prices than those closer to the Acropolis.

They offer both dormitory and private rooms for travellers. The hostel itself is very clean. Each room comes with clean linens, personal lockers, individual lights and USB charging ports.

Rooms can be booked by individuals or groups. Female-only dorms are also available. They have a beautiful terrace and offer all the essential amenities necessary to make your stay as relaxed and worry-free as possible.

To ensure moments of relaxation and a chance to connect with fellow travellers, Nubian Hostel also offers a lounge area in the back garden with outdoor seating.

Along with free WiFi, they also offer free breakfast every morning. This hostel is also best for travellers visiting Athens with children as this is child-friendly. The maximum period of stay is 14 days.

#11 – Pagration Youth Hostel

Pagration Youth Hostel, best hostels in athens, greece

  • $
  • Dorm rooms just for females
  • Near tourist interests
  • 15 minutes away from the main square

Pagration Youth Hostel is located in Pagrati, a nice neighbourhood of Athens and if I may say, one of the best residential areas in the city.

The hostel is at a 15-minute walking distance from the main square, Syntagma, and many other sites of tourist interests, such as the Parliament, the Residence of the President of Democracy, the Kallimarmaro Stadium (where the first Olympic games of modern times took place), the Acropolis, the old quarters of Plaka and many other places.

Around the hostel, there are many cheap internet cafes, supermarkets, cinemas, shopping centres and pharmacies.

They offer several facilities which make life easy for the guests, such as central heating in the winter months, colour TV, table games, luggage storage, kitchen facilities, exchange book service, safe deposit for valuables, information desk, free maps, bus and train timetables, washing machine and dryer, hot water on a 24-hour basis coin-operated machine, no curfew and an open-air yard.

Do note though that all dorm rooms are just for females.

#12 – Chameleon Youth Hostel

Chameleon Youth Hostel, best hostels in athens, greece

  • $
  • Pet-friendly
  • Surrounded by cafe and bars
  • They have a hostel cat!

This hostel is situated at just a 5-minute walk from Thissio metro station. Chameleon is in the heart of the old town of Athens, offering you the ability to go on foot in most of the ancient monuments like the Acropolis.

This hostel is also surrounded by cafes and bars providing you with the kind of vacation you desire, creating a multicultural environment and a home to all travellers from all across the world.

Chameleon Youth Hostel offers you a range of accommodation, suitable for all types of travellers. The staff is friendly and helpful with a well-maintained common room, laundry room, a fully equipped kitchen, living room and playroom. Free Wi-Fi is also available in every corner of the hostel.

If you’re a pet-lover and can’t travel without your little pack of joy, here’s a piece of good news for you – this hostel is pet-friendly and they even have a hostel cat too!

These are some of the best hostels in Athens we’ve picked based on highly-rated reviews by travellers where you can stay during your trip.

We hope our recommendations can help you in finding the hostel that is perfect for your needs and budget!

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