6 Best Places in Greece to Visit in October

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The month of October is a good time to visit Greece.

The temperature is usually in the mid 20’s, there are fewer crowds, and you can often find cheaper prices for flights and accommodation.

The weather in Greece in October is fairly mild, as the average sea temperature still retains the heat from summer. The average temperature in Greece in October is 23ºC, which can fall to 14ºC at night.

The local food is fabulous everywhere in Greece so be sure to indulge at every chance that you get.

There are also many opportunities to experience wine that has been perfected over centuries so be sure to have a glass or two.

Below we share ideas on where to visit in Greece in October.

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Best Places to Visit in Greece in October

Kick Back in Kefalonia, Greece

greece-greek-food-salad; best places to visit in greece in october

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and it is best to rent a car when exploring the island as public transport is limited. There are plenty of cool accommodation opportunities and you can stay in a hotel or rent a villa with a swimming pool.

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This area has some of the best beaches in Greece so be sure to head to Myrtos Beach, a stunning beach that is backed by a sheer cliff, and Xi Beach is on the south coast that is known for its red sand.

There are plenty of interesting places to explore as well like the villages of Livatho peninsula, the monastery of Ayios Gerasimos, or the Monastery of Kipoureon.

While you’re here, don’t forget to indulge in good ol’ Greek salad!

Sail Away in Santorini, Greece

Things to Do in Santorini, Greece; best places to visit in greece in october

A unique way to explore Santorini, apart from renting ATVs, is by boat. You can easily rent yachts or join chartered tours to explore Santorini in October, when the peak season has not yet come into full throttle.

Make sure that you experience the stunning view when sailing between the volcano and the caldera that has many lovely villages and restaurants on top of it. The beaches are stunning and you can visit beaches with black sand or red pebbles.

Caper around Corfu, Greece

corfu greece; best places to visit in greece in october

There is plenty to do in Corfu, and you’ll be sure to find something here to suit everyone’s preferences. Listón has lots of lovely cafes where you can fuel up on caffeine before exploring this delightful area that was untouched by Ottoman oppression.

The Old Town of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you can see Renaissance, Baroque and Classical architecture. Make sure that you explore Spianáda, the largest public square in the Balkans where you can explore French architecture or watch sports or a concert.

Relax in Rhodes, Greece

rhodes island greece; best places to visit in greece in october

The island of Rhodes is about 95km long and it is filled with stunning beaches along the coast and the interior is filled with forested mountains. Go beach-hopping, and you visit Helios, which is one of the best medieval towns in the world.

Rhodes is very popular with families, and so if you are thinking of visiting with the kids, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of suitable properties for families in the area. Explore the old town of Rhodes that is surrounded by walls and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Discover Milos, Greece

A travel guide on Milos Greece - how to get to Milos, beaches, what boat tour to take, what to do and where to stay in Milos; best places to visit in greece in october

Milos is mostly unbeknownst to tourists. A little laid back island in Greece, hop on a private boat for a day tour around the mystical islands, and roam around the Cycladic-style balconies of Plaka. Read all about what you can find in Milos!

This is an optimal choice in Greece if you want to keep away from the usual tourist islands like Santorini and Mykonos in October. It has an equally wide selection of gorgeous beaches, local restaurants and affordable hotels to stay in.

Aspire For Historical Knowledge in Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece; best places to visit in greece in october
Athens, Greece

Athens has some of the most famous archaeological sites on the planet.

The Acropolis is perched high above Athens on a rocky outcrop, a perfect vantage point to view several ancient structures at the same time.

The Parthenon was built to during the “Golden Age of Pericles” to contain a statue of Athena.

The Hephaestus Temple was built in the 5th century BC and it was the first temple in Athens to be made of marble.

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In case you’re still wondering what the best time to visit Gree is, I would strongly suggest travelling to Greece in October.

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