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27 Jaw Dropping Things To Do In La Paz, Bolivia: The All-In-One Guide

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You may be wondering what to do in La Paz, Bolivia. You want to experience the country’s rich culture and natural beauty but you’re not sure where to go in La Paz or how much it’ll cost.

Well, after living in La Paz for 3 months, we’ve got a bunch of things to recommend in La Paz.

Don’t worry! I’m about to give you a quick introduction to La Paz, a city that has it all: great food and drink, the best museums in South America, beautiful scenery from the towering mountains to the vast valleys, and plenty of outdoor activities.

La Paz is a city in Bolivia, but not the capital (the capital is actually Sucre), but since La Paz houses the country’s political centre – it has administrative bodies for both executive and legislative powers, as well as the presidential residence where presidents reside to govern their land from time-to-time – it’s thus considered as Bolivia’s central hub.

“La Paz” means “Peace” in Spanish. It was founded on November 16, 1548 by Pedro de la Goleta, as Santiago de la Paz (Saint James of Peace).

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The All-In-One Guide For La Paz Bolivia

The city is located in the central highlands of Bolivia, at an altitude of 3600 metres (11,800 feet) above sea level. This makes it one of the highest major cities in the world. This also means people who have trouble breathing at sea level may not be able to enjoy themselves here because they could experience altitude sickness or even altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE).

That being said, if your body adjusts well then don’t let the altitude scare you away because La Paz is an amazing city to explore.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you what you can do when visiting La Paz.

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Things To Know Before Visiting La Paz, Bolivia

City Centro Iglesia Free Walking tour, La Paz Bolivia


La Paz is a beautiful city, and it’s no wonder that it’s becoming a popular tourist destination. If you’re planning on visiting soon, here are some tips to know before you go!

Be Prepared For High Altitudes

La Paz is located at 3600 metres (11,800 feet) above sea level. Many visitors experience altitude sickness in the city, so be sure to take it easy and drink plenty of water. Altitude sickness pills are a great alternative and are sold in many places, so if you can’t find them in your town, you can get them when you get to La Paz.

We recommend acclimatising first before going hiking or any tour. Also, always check the altitude of the place you’re going; you could end up easily being more than 5000 metres up!

The negative effects of altitude can include acute mountain sickness (AMS), which typically occurs above  2,400 meters, but may affect people unaccustomed to even moderate altitudes at much lower elevations.

The symptoms of mild AMS include breathlessness and a fast heart rate, with or without headaches and nausea.

Bring Moisturiser

Here it gets very dry, especially at night, so make sure to pack some moisturiser.

If not, you’ll be able to pick some up when you arrive, since there are many pharmacies where you can buy moisturisers in Bolivia.

Slap On Plenty Of Sunscreen

Due to how close we are to the atmosphere, the sun is intense in La Paz. You’ll want to protect your skin conservatively. Make sure to do all the sun protection necessary, like a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Wear sunscreen that’s SPF 50 or higher and sunglasses. The sun here is incredibly strong, and you’ll want to protect your skin from the harsh rays whenever you can.

Be Prepared For A Culture Shock!

Bolivia is a very different place than many other countries in South America, so be prepared for a culture shock. Things that you might take for granted at home may not be as common here.

La Paz is a little more expensive than the rest of Bolivia. If you’re on a budget, try doing some research and find out how much things cost before coming.

Adjust The Time Of Your Watch

Bolivian Time may be a little different from the time back home, so make sure to adjust your watch and phone before travelling over here. Don’t forget that it’s an hour more than back home during the summertime.

If you come in winter, it’s two hours less! Great for when all the clocks go back and you can have an extra hour in bed.

Watch Out For The Weather

La Paz’s climate is quite temperate, but it can get chilly at night. Make sure to pack both warm clothes and light outfits so you’re prepared no matter what time of day.

Also, be prepared for rain in the rainy season, which happens mostly between December and February, during summertime. La Paz is known to experience heavy rainfall, so make sure you pack a waterproof jacket and boots if you’re travelling during the rainy season.

Learn Some Spanish Before You Go

La Paz (or the whole of Bolivia rather) is a predominantly Spanish-speaking city, so it’s a good idea to learn a few key phrases before you go. You can find dictionaries and phrasebooks at most bookstores if you’re old-school, or you can download language learning apps on the phone to learn on the go.

The locals love speaking Spanish with a rather strong accent! Be prepared to repeat yourself many times until you can make yourself understood.

Watch Out For Scam Artists

Just like many other cities around the world, La Paz has its fair share of scam artists who prey on tourists.

It’s always important to be careful when walking through busy areas by yourself at night, but some thieves are savvier than others! We’ve heard cases of phones being stolen by passing motorcycles while passengers are using their phones in a cab with the window down.

Particularly, stay safe and keep your belongings close especially if you head to El Alto.

Things To Do in La Paz, Bolivia

So now that we have covered some important information about this amazing city, let’s discuss some things you can do while in La Paz.

La Paz is known as one of the best places to stay for backpackers and those on a budget because it’s not only very affordable, it also has plenty of hostels, guesthouses, and hotels that can fit your travel needs.

For solo travellers, I highly recommend staying in the Sopocachi or San Francisco neighbourhoods as they’re filled with restaurants, cafes, and bars – perfect for meeting people.

You’ll never be bored in La Paz because there are always new things to do! Here are some of the most popular activities in La Paz:

1. Go Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia.

The city of La Paz has hundreds of outdoor sports and traditional climbing routes right in the heart of downtown.

In neighbourhoods like Aranjuez on either side of Avenida Hernan Siles Zuazo, there are tons of walking trails with rock climbing routes, as well as easy access to some great mountaineering views.

You can talk to Dennise, local mountaineering and rock climbing guide, at El Muro Climbing Gym or contact her on this number: +591 7729 4590

Dennise is a great rock climber that has her own bouldering gym. She can guide you, give you recommendations and even sell you rock climbing equipment for a good price in case you fall in love with this great sport. 


2. Explore The Mercado 16 de Julio

Mercado 16 de Julio is the largest and most famous market in the city. It’s also the most visited tourist attraction in La Paz, with over 50 years of history. If you love thrift shopping, you’d be remiss to miss this one out.

At first glance, it can seem overwhelming with the many streets that they occupy, but it’s definitely worth exploring every nook and cranny.

You can find anything here, from fresh fruits and vegetables to souvenirs and traditional Bolivian crafts. The items sold here are super cheap and there are plenty of backpacker staples to choose from.


3. Valley Of The MoonSunset Lago Titicaca, La Paz, Bolivia.

Take a few hours of on a trip to the Valley of the Moon (Valle de la Luna) and wander around the eerie rock formations that have been carved out by wind and water over time. It’s pretty spectacular seeing the formations that were formed solely by nature. 

Entrance is Bs 30/ USD 4.35.

It’s a 30-minute bus ride from the centre, once you get to Parque La Florida you can grab a collectivo or minibuses that pass by that road, it’s only one road down so you won’t get lost, everyone knows about “Valle De La Luna”


4. Take A Free Walking Tour

There are a few companies that offer free walking tours in La Paz, with tours in both English and Spanish. Here you’ll learn as a group about the history, culture and politics of La Paz from a local who’s passionate about their city.

They usually take about 2 hours and then you can visit some of the famous sites afterwards on your own, like Plaza Murillo, Government Palace (Casa de Gobierno), San Francisco Church, and the Witches Market.

In the end, you can give a voluntary tip depending on how much you liked it.

If you prefer a more private tour, you can book a private City Tour of La Paz so you can have your tour customized to your liking.

5. Go Hiking

Hiking, La Paz Bolivia

If you’re up for a more challenging hike, head over to the Cordillera Real and get ready for some of the most stunning views in the world.

There are a lot of hiking trails all around the city. The most popular is called Choro Trail which starts in Parque Urbano and takes you to the top of a hill with amazing views.

You can also check out Cerro Calvario which is in Sopocachi, or take a hike up Chacaltaya which is in the south of El Alto.

For a REAL adventure, do what we did – a 3-day ice climbing trek up Huayna Potosí Mountain. More on that below under Day Trips From La Paz!

6. The Witches’ Market

Visit the infamous Witches’ Market (Mercado de Brujas) where you can buy all sorts of potions (real ones!), herbs and dried llama fetuses (to ward off bad luck – yes it’s a thing!).

It’s a colourful neighbourhood to explore even if you’re not shopping for wizardry. There are also numerous restaurants and cafes in this area.


7. Check Out The Views From El Alto

Views El Alto Cable Car, La Paz Bolivia.

The cable car runs from the city centre to El Alto, where you can enjoy amazing views of La Paz and snow-covered peaks.

The most popular spot is El Alto, an indigenous town with a bustling market and hilltop views of La Paz. There’s also a viewpoint in the south of El Alto called vista which is a great place to hang out and eat some street food.

8. Bus to Chacaltaya Mountain

For a bird’s-eye view of La Paz and the surrounding area, take a bus to Chacaltaya Mountain. The ride is about 1.5 hours long, after which you can hike up to the observatory, where there are telescopes for checking out the view.

If you want to get closer still while enjoying a good workout, you can also hike to the summit of Chacaltaya (which used to be the world’s highest ski resort).


9. Go To Cholitas Wrestling in La Paz

Cholitas Wrestling, La Paz, Bolivia.
To presence the real Cholitas you have to go to Cholitas Wrestling, is not it funny to see the Cholitas wrestling in La Paz? It’s great because they are showing off their culture, and they’re doing a great job

You need to head to El Alto, better ask around what day of the week they have the show, but the last time I went was on Sunday, so hop on that cable car, the show usually starts at 5 pm and ends at 7 pm, they offer transport back to Centro La Paz, and better grab it because it’s a little dangerous to walk at night here.


10. Take A Cooking Class

La Paz is a gastronomic city with delicious fresh food from all over the world. You can find European- and Asian-influenced dishes as well as traditional Bolivian food. The city is filled with tons of great restaurants, cafes and nightlife that you’ll never get tired of. 

To get a bird’s eye view of the food cuisine in La Paz, consider taking a food tour.

If you want to learn how to make some of the delicious dishes that are popular in La Paz, take a cooking class! You can also take a cooking class to learn more about the local food. There are a lot of schools that offer classes, and it’s a great way to learn about the culture and meet new people.

 There’s always something happening in the city, so you’ll never be bored!

11. Hop On One Of The Cable Cars

Cable Car, La Paz, Bolivia.If it isn’t the best way to get a literal bird’s eye view of the city! Cable cars are a form of public transport in La Paz, as a way of connecting towns in higher ground. As a city built on hills, if it isn’t for these cable cars, transportation would be so complicated!

This is the best free way to see La Paz from the top without paying tourist prices; all it costs is a local bus ticket (in this case, a cable car ticket)!

Day Trips From La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is a beautiful and bustling city in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia. The Andes Mountains is a place in the world where adventure and relaxation collide. It’s the world’s longest mountain range running for over 7,000km and covering 6 countries. 

With its winding roads and towering buildings, it’s an ideal place to explore on foot or by bicycle for those looking for adventure.

That said, there are also plenty of ways to get out of town without ever having to fly! Day trips from La Paz can be as easy as picking up some snacks and heading into the wilds with a guide, or you can take advantage of organized tours that’ll take care of every detail for you.

There are also a few trips where you’ll have to take everything with you as you’ll need more days to complete. Or, you may want to spend more time in neighbouring towns because it’s beautiful and worth soaking more time in.

1. Visit Lake Titicaca And Copabana

Lago Titicaca Mirador, La Paz, Bolivia.

Did you know that Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world AND also the largest freshwater lake in South America? Besides being a beautiful site, it’s also home to several indigenous communities like the Aymara.

Lake Titicaca is located on the border of Peru and Bolivia. 

Take a leisurely boat ride on the tranquil waters and take in the sights and sounds of this natural wonder. Stay overnight on Lake Titicaca and enjoy the tranquillity. The area is starting to boom with resorts that are great for those who want a little more comfort in their trip.

Explore one of the many islands that make up Titicaca, such as Isla del Sol, where we stayed for a night. Here you can also visit some of the ancient ruins that are scattered around the lake!


2. Take A Trip To Chacaltaya

At over 5181 metres (17,000 feet), it’s the world’s highest ski resort (if you’re feeling brave enough to try it out!). You can still see remnants of the ski lift by taking a cable car to its peak.

While you’re up there, take in some spectacular views of La Paz and try out a traditional chorizo alpino before descending. If you don’t have your own transport, there are plenty of tour operators who can take you to Chacaltaya and back in a day.

With so many mountains and valleys, the possibilities for hiking are great and is just about an hour and a half by taxi from La Paz.


3. Go To Beni Province In The Amazon

There are more than 20 different indigenous groups living in the Amazon and many of the communities are open to visitors. You can choose to stay with a family or in a communal lodge.

The location is in the province of Beni, about a five-hour bus ride from La Paz. This is one of the few opportunities to see how these ancient cultures still survive in the 21st century.


4. Visit The Salt Flats Of Uyuni

Salar De Uyuni, La Paz, Bolivia.

This is one of the most popular attractions in Bolivia, but it’s still off the beaten track and you’re likely to have the place to yourself.

There are several tour agencies who can take you there ranging from luxury to budget (by going on a sleeper bus), but it’s well worth hiring a driver to ensure that you get the most out of the trip. We went with Hola Bolivia Travel, which is a group tour that arranges everything from your sleeper bus to the hotel and food during the tour.

There are various ways to visit the salt flats near the village of Uyuni, including a hike through amazing landscapes and staying overnight in a Salt Hotel. If you’re short on time, there are also day trips available.


5. Hike And Climb To The Top Of Huayna Potosi

Hiking Huayna Potosi, La Paz, Bolivia.

Hike the mountains and see what’s on offer for you. You’ll be blown away by how many beautiful viewpoints there are in this city, so take your time exploring!

If you’re feeling adventurous, climb to the top of Huayna Potosi. At 6,088 metres (20,000 feet), it’s one of the most popular climbs in South America.

We decided to embark on this challenge on my 28th birthday. Our 3D2N trek included ice climbing and the final ascent which was snow-covered so it was pretty technical snow trekking.

I can straight up say it’s not for the faint-hearted. Not only do you have to cover a lot of ground, the altitude also plays a major part. Being stripped bare in the vastness of nature definitely is one of the most humbling experiences. Big kudos to our trek guide who’s almost 60 yet is fit as a fiddle and took really good care of us!


6. Visit Tiwanaku

This is an ancient archaeological site located just a few kilometres from La Paz.

You can explore the ancient ruins and see the impressive carved stone monoliths that scientists say are the work of a lost civilization.

There are also some excellent museums in the area that will give you more insight into the Tiwanaku people.


There are plenty of great day trips from La Paz, so whether you’re looking for an adventure or a more relaxing experience, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities to see some of the most beautiful parts of Bolivia!

It’s a great idea to hire a driver, so you can focus on enjoying your trip and not worrying about getting lost. There are many tour agencies that offer plenty of options for visiting the salt flats near Uyuníi village or taking a day trip to Chacaltaya mountain.

Where To Stay In La Paz Bolivia

If you’re looking for a hotel in La Paz, Bolivia and want to know what the best hotels are at different price ranges, then this article is perfect for you.

We’ve collected some highly recommended hotels available that will suit your needs whether it’s solo travel or travelling with family members or friends. We’ve classified them in 6 different price ranges – budget, mid-range, and luxury – for solo travellers, families, and couples.

Do note that prices may vary with the time and the season of the year.

Best Luxury Hotel in La Paz, Bolivia

Ritz Apart Hotel 

The Ritz Apart Hotel is a luxurious option, perfect for those looking to pamper themselves while in La Paz. The hotel offers a range of apartments, from 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom options. All apartments come with a kitchenette and living area, as well as luxury amenities such as a Jacuzzi.

Price starts at USD 120 per night for 2 people in a 2-bedroom apartment. There are many different options and prices to choose from.

Best Mid-Range Hotel in La Paz, Bolivia

Pan American Hotel 

The Pan American Hotel is a great option for those looking for something a little more luxurious than the budget hotels in La Paz. It’s located in a quiet area of the city, but close to all major attractions. The hotel has a range of rooms available, from singles and doubles to family rooms and suites.

Price starts at USD 60 per night for 2 people in a double room.

Best Budget Hotel in La Paz, Bolivia

Hotel Sagarnaga

The Hotel Sagarnaga Street offers a central location at an affordable price. It’s located right on the main street in La Paz, making it easy to get around. The hotel has a range of room types available, from singles to family rooms, so you can find the right option for you.

The price is only USD 15 per night for two people.

Best Family Hotel in La Paz, Bolivia

The Adventure Brew Hostel

If you’re looking for an affordable option that can accommodate the whole family, The Adventure Brew Hostel is a great choice. It offers dorm-style accommodation as well as private rooms and has a range of activities on offer to keep the kids entertained.

Price starts at USD 20 per night for a family room with 4 beds. The price varies on time of the year and room.

Best Hotel in La Paz, Bolivia For Couples

Hotel Presidente

The Hotel Presidente is an excellent option for couples, with sleek modern rooms and stylish decor. The hotel has a central location in the city centre, and the staff are extremely helpful. All rooms come with a private bath, WIFI, and breakfast is included in the price.

Price starts at USD 99 per night for 2 people.

Best Hotel in La Paz, Bolivia For Solo Travellers

Selina La Paz

If you’re looking for a hostel in La Paz, Selina is rated as one of the best. It’s located on Plaza del Sol, making it a great place to stay if you want to be in the heart of the action. Selina has both dorms and private rooms, as well as a bar and restaurant on site.

The price starts at USD 11 per night for 2 people.

The one thing that unites all these hotels is their great location. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious hotel, an affordable hostel, or something in between – there’s bound to be the perfect place for you right here.

We hope this article has helped narrow down your search and given some insight into what different price ranges entail!

Best Food In La Paz, Bolivia

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in La Paz. The food is a mix of indigenous and Spanish cuisine, so you can expect to find dishes with ingredients like llama meat, potatoes, and chilli peppers.

Some local specialities include ch’arki (a type of dried and cured beef), silpancho (a dish made with chicken or beef, served with a fried egg on top), and picante de cuy (a dish made with roasted guinea pig).

What locals really like to eat, though, is caldo de quinua (a soup made with quinoa and vegetables). Other soups they enjoy are llapia (a soup made with sheep tripe) and chochoca (a thick corn soup).

If you’re looking for something sweet, try a torta (a type of cake made with flour, sugar, and eggs) or a piece of pan de yuca (a type of bread made with cassava flour and cheese).

No matter what you choose to eat in La Paz, you’re sure to enjoy the unique flavours of Bolivian cuisine. Be sure to come hungry and ready to explore!

Best Places to Eat In La Paz, Bolivia

Acai Food In La Paz, Bolivia

Acai Food In La Paz, Bolivia


The best places to eat in La Paz are found all around the city. Bolivia also has great gastronomy that you have to try. From traditional food to international cuisine and everything in between, there’s something for everyone.

Remember that exploring places is a great idea too, so just go with some spare time and wander around!

For those looking for a taste of home, try these restaurants: 

1. Doña Remedios

La Paz is home to some of Bolivia’s most famous dishes, and Doña Remedios serves up a well-known Laaspiz dish – chicharrón. The pork cubed with spices like pepper, cumin salt garlic braised in beer before being crisped on top at high heat so that it can be both juicy and dry inside when cooked just right!

It tastes good regardless if you’re feeling hungover or not after having several glasses during your bender last night because this comfort food will do wonders for alleviating those symptoms too.

I’m personally hooked after trying fricassé made from meats such as beef short rib tips served over potato puree topped off by burned red chilli.


2. Paladar-Cozinha Brasileira

When you and your friends want to have a night out, why not try something different? Head on down the street at Paladar Cozinha Brasileira for some Brazilian food.

The portions are huge so it’s easy enough that everyone can sample all of your favourite dishes! If there are any leftovers (which will probably happen), just take them home with you.


3. Gustu

The last time a Scandinavian chef opened an unexpected restaurant in La Paz, it was Claus Meyer. He and his team from Noma were determined to create something special for this new venture but they didn’t know what exactly, until locals told them about their love of local cuisine!

The result? A stunningly beautiful space with locally-inspired dishes like trout prepared using spices grown right here, and meats sourced exclusively from the Lambari Indigenous Community members who’ve been raising cattle since before the Spanish came.


4. Vagón del Sur

With its attention to ingredients and desire for spice, El Vagon del Sur cooks up traditional hearty Bolivian fare that will keep you coming back again!

From beef dishes coupled with fresh vegetables all cooked in abundance spices like a chilli pepper or garlic to locally sourced seafood; they offer everything your appetite desires.


5. Vinapho San Miguel

If you’re looking for some delicious southeast Asian cuisine, head on over to Sopocachi. The Vinapho crew has been bringing fresh and flavourful dishes from Vietnam or Thailand since they opened their doors!

The rich Thai green curries in colours so vivid it might make your mouth water just seeing them; enjoy them with an attentive wait staff serving all things tasty.

However, if you’re a native Asian (like me) and have tasted real Vietnamese pho, keep your expectations low. The taste isn’t an exact replica, but this is as close as it gets in La Paz!


6. Açaí Shop Express 

After looking and looking for Acai, I found this wonderful place which is the one in the picture above #BestAcaiInTown, they import the Acai directly from Brazil, and it tastes incredible, you pay a fair price by weight.

They have a banquet of fruits, chocolates, seeds, sauces, brownies, cookies and anything you might want to add to your Acai, remember you pay by weight so go crazy about it.


7. Chez Tim Bakery

In case you wanted a good French bakery, I think from my 3 months being in La Paz, their Almond Croissant was the best one.

Definitely worth it if you pass by Achumani.


So there you have it – some of the best places to eat in La Paz! Whether you’re looking for traditional Bolivian cuisine or something a little more international, there’s sure to be something to suit your taste. Bon appetit!

Top Nightlife Spots In La Paz, Bolivia

The capital of Bolivia, La Paz is a beautiful city that has an amazing nightlife.

Everybody loves dancing and there’s no better place than in South America! The drinks are cheap, the people are friendly, and the music’s always pumping.

Whether you’re looking for a place to salsa dance until the sun comes up or party all night long at some of La Paz’s best clubs, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s the lowdown on some cool spots to check out when you want to get your dance on!

1. Alive Rockers Music Bar

Are you a Metalhead bored of the same old pubs and clubs? La Paz has a new hotspot for live music lovers, the Alive Rockers Music Bar! This trendy spot features an impressive lineup of local and international rock bands, so you can enjoy a night out with some real tunes.

With its cool atmosphere and great drinks deals, the Alive Rockers Music Bar is the perfect place to let your hair down. Come check it out, you won’t be disappointed!


2. The Irishman Pub

Looking for a taste of the old country? Look no further than The Irishman Pub in La Paz, Bolivia. This authentic Irish pub is the perfect place to enjoy a pint of Guinness and some hearty Irish cuisine. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable about all things Irish.

Whether you’re looking for a place to watch the game or just want to relax with friends, The Irishman Pub is sure to please. So come on in and enjoy a pint (or two) of the best that Ireland has to offer!


3. Diesel Nacional

Diesel is a must-see for any bar enthusiast. With its creative, Steampunk interior and whimsical decor that has largely been recycled from old trains or planes, this venue will charm you with every step inside.

The candlelit atmosphere makes it even more enjoyable as guests enjoy their cocktails by the quirky candle lights while eyeing up all of Diesel’s beautiful collection on offer.

Opens early and closes early, they also close on weekends close so check their opening hours before you visit.


4. Gold Classics

As the name suggests, this club only plays the classics. The nights start out with 60s classic rock and then it progresses on to the 80s dance hits, just as the alcohol really starts to kick in.

If you’re looking for something more vintage, then you have to come here.


5. Malegria Bar & Discoteca

Come to La Paz and enjoy the best of both worlds – a taste from traditional Bolivia met with modern trends.

Saya Afroboliviana is live every Thursday at Malegria Bar-Disco where you can dance all night long under bright lights or relax on comfortable sofas while listening some great beats!


6. The English Pub

The best thing about this place is how friendly and relaxed everything feels. You’ll never know who you’re going to end up sitting next to, but everyone has a great time talking to each other while they enjoy their drinks or some delicious food.

The live sports specials make it an even better venue for anyone who loves watching football (or another sport) together as well – there’s nothing like cheering on your team from the comfort of this great Pub.


So, there you have it! Some great places to check out when you’re in La Paz and want to get your dance on. We hope you enjoy these spots and have a blast dancing the night away.

So, what’re you waiting for? Get out there and explore La Paz’s nightlife! You won’t regret it. Just be prepared to party all night long!

Weather in La Paz, Bolivia

Sunset Lago Titicaca, La Paz, Bolivia.

The weather in La Paz is paradise. It’s never very cold or too hot and the rain falls softly most of the time, except for the rainy season. The temperature can vary from a low of 11°C to a high of 22°C in the day, but beware of the night as it can be as low as -0°C throughout the year.

The only thing you need to worry about is what to wear when it rains; because if it’s sunny, people will be walking around with t-shirts on. As soon as it starts raining, everyone has some kind of plastic coat or rain jacket they put on.

So, if you’re looking for a place to escape the cold winters or hot summers, La Paz is the perfect place for you.

Rainy Season

The rainy season is from the month of October to the month of May. During this time it rains for days at a time. The temperature is usually around 14°C and the night gets very cold.

It rains for around 4 months out of the year, but it’s not constant rain and there are periods of time where it does not rain at all, like when we were there in September/ October.

Dry Season

The dry season is from the month of June until September. During this time the temperature is usually around 20°C.

The humidity is not too high; in fact, your skin gets pretty dry, which makes it pleasant to be outside, but remember to moisturise.

The best time to travel to La Paz is considered to be during the dry season. The temperature is nice, but it’s sunny and you have less chance of rain.

But really, any time of the year is a good time to go, it just depends on what you’re looking for.

How To Get To La Paz, Bolivia

The El Alto International Airport (LPB) is where all international flights arrive and depart from so if you’re arriving from outside Bolivia , this is where you’ll land.

The airport is around a 40-minute drive from the centre of La Paz. To get there, you can either take a taxi, bus or rent a car.

By Bus

The best way to get to La Paz from the airport is by taking a shared mini-bus (called an AMPLIACION) because it stops right outside of all the main hotels in El Prado, which is centrally located and makes everything easy to access. The cost for this is Bs. 12-20 / USD 2-2.90 and the journey usually takes around 30-45 minutes depending on the traffic.

By Taxi

If you prefer to take a taxi, which is the fastest way, they’re always available outside of the airport and the cost should be around Bs. 60-70 / USD 8.5-10.

They’ll usually try to charge a bit more especially if you don’t speak Spanish. It depends on how far you are going but it shouldn’t be more than Bs. 70-100 / USD 10-15 to your place.

By Car

Renting a car is also an option and there are many companies at the airport that offer this service. The cost is around Bs. 350-400 / USD 50-58 and it will take about 30 minutes to get to La Paz. Just be sure to drive with caution as the roads in Bolivia can be quite dangerous.

Getting Around La Paz, Bolivia

Cable Cars, La Paz, Bolivia.

Trying to get around La Paz can be a bit of a nightmare. While the city is developing, it still has some work to do. The roads are bad, the drivers are terrible and there’s a lot of traffic! But there are many ways, so choose that you can choose the most adequate for your case.


Also called “micros”, they’re small, colourful vans that can seat up to 12 people.

They can be quite crowded but they do go all over the city and are also cheap. They cost around Bs. 2/ USD 0.30.

By Bus

Depending on what part you’re staying in, there are different bus companies like Pumakatari which only charges Bs. 2/USD 0.30 per ride.

There’s the main bus terminal close to the centre of La Paz, from where you can take any of the buses going to different parts of Bolivia. If you’re planning day trips or going to any city from La Paz, this is the place. Of course, the prices vary from Bs. 5 to 150/ USD 1 to 20 depending on the length of your ride.

By Taxi

The easiest way to get around is by taxi but it’s also the most expensive.

Be careful when getting into a taxi as there are quite a few scams going on. Taxi drivers in La Paz are notorious for trying to overcharge tourists, so it’s always best to agree on a price before getting in or make sure the driver turns the meter on. The good thing is they’re not expensive (except from the Airport), and they’re readily available all over the city.

By Cable Car

Cable cars are a form of public transport in La Paz, and my favourite one, as a way of connecting towns in higher ground. As a city built on hills, if it isn’t for these cable cars, transportation would be so complicated! Going rounds and waiting in the traffic.

This is the best free way to see La Paz from the top without paying tourist prices; all it costs is a local bus ticket (in this case, a cable car ticket)! You can get your card for little money and if you hop on consecutive cable cars you get a discount! 

La Paz is a great place to visit if you’re looking for an adventure. The city has many winding and steep roads that can be difficult to navigate, but the fun of getting lost makes it worth it. Hope this helps and enjoy your time in La Paz and Bolivia!

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Jaw-Dropping Things To Do In La Paz, Bolivia The Complete Guide


La Paz is an amazing city with so much to offer. As the most populous city in Bolivia, it’s no wonder La Paz is becoming a popular tourist destination. 

This may be your first time visiting this spectacular country or you may be an old pro who has visited before and are looking for new ideas to keep things fresh with all of your friends. Whether you want a great meal, some nighttime entertainment or one of the many day trips from La Paz Bolivia, this post has it all! We hope our list will help make your visit as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Either way, La Paz is a fascinating and rewarding city to visit, and with these tips in mind, you’re sure to have an amazing time! If you have any questions about things to do in La Paz or how best to enjoy its beautiful surroundings, let us know!