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Hi, I’m Isabel!

I’m a digital nomad and full-time travel blogger from Singapore with my head (perpetually) in the clouds.

6 months in Europe visiting 16 countries, 55 cities and 11 European languages later, I moved on to working and travelling the North and South island of New Zealand for another 6 months.

After the 6-month Working Holiday in New Zealand, and working from Japan for another 8 months, I’m back home in Singapore, planning the next off-beaten path.

Since travelling independently from 2015 and after countless reviews of hotels and tours, I’ve slowly redefined the meaning of travel.

Now, I focus more on independent, adventure and experiential travel.

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This platform is here to share travel adventures and travel tips that I’ve learned through being on the road, and provide destination guides to millennial and student travellers who seek to spend less and travel more.

Since then, this blog is devoted fully to the discovery of a world outside what you limit yourself to.

Who am I, really?

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During my travels, I had to peruse different websites in search of my next travel idea while researching about a country’s cultures and routes, and it wasn’t an easy task. I always wished there was someone experienced, honest and reliable who could tell me things I wish I knew before stepping foot into a foreign land.

The 40 Countries I've Been

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Now that I’ve amassed a wealth of travel knowledge from my personal experience, I’m sharing them with you, so that you can travel smarter, longer and stretch every penny.

Whether it is to indulge in my adventures, learn about all the funky foods I’ve tried, or simply for some travel inspiration, I hope you’ll leave feeling like you’ve gained something!

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Since its inception in Jan 2015, Bel Around The World has partnered with multiple travel and hospitality brands to bring the wonders of the world to you, including but not limited to:

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