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Hi I’m Isabel!

I’m currently a full-time undergraduate a full-fledged graduate and full-time travel blogger from Singapore with my head (perpetually) in the clouds.

I created Bel Around The World so you can learn how to:

1. Survive an overseas student exchange experience.

How much did I spend in that 6 months in Europe?
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How did I fund for my 6-month Europe exchange singlehandedly?

2. Learn about the student travel perks (while you still are one).

How Do You Get To Travel So Much As A Student?
10 Student Travel Tips I Wish I'd Known Earlier.

3. Travel for less.

How To Save on Accommodation and Transport While Travelling!
Cheaper Ways to Travel, Eat, Live and Commute Abroad
How to hire a tour guide for free?

4. Take the bold step into more meaningful travel.

The Time I Couchsurfed With Male Hosts
Couchsurfing- Yay or Nay?
Why It’s OK To Travel Without Wifi.

5. Search for specific destination travel tips.

What to Do, See and Eat in Busan, South Korea in 3 Days
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Maldives on a Budget; I Spent Less Than $1000 on my 5D5N Maldives Holiday!

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I’m a student journalist who is producing a magazine with my course mates… I read some of your posts and it’s so useful and relatable especially since there aren’t many students writing about travelling! – Grace Lee (3 Jun 2016)

I just read a couple of your articles and I love the way you write. It is so easy to read. When I saw you are from Singapore, I thought I will just try and write you. – Dena (1 Aug 2016)

I love your page and was absolutely helpful! I’m traveling to New Zealand next month… – Jillian (20 Dec 2016)

I saw the feature on you in TODAY and after reading the article and your blog I decided to write in because it reminded me a lot of my student days… The tips you wrote about, especially about bringing the student ID, they really resonated because in Europe, it gets you reduced price admissions to just about anywhere… And most people will never understand why you do what you do, but you know you do it because you could not live life any other way. These will be the best years of your life, and I hope you have many more good trips to come. – Wei Li (29 Dec 2016)

I came across your website and your trips on New Zealand are fantastic. – Alcina (15 Feb 2017)

Just wanted to let you know that your blogs on New Zealand have helped me so much with my own road trip plan. I happened to just stumble upon your site and seriously…it made our planning so much easier… Thank you so much for sharing your experiences 😀 They’re great fun to read. – Appy (25 Feb 2017)

Thank you for your very useful advice and hints for travelling! I’m currently planning a NZ South Island round trip and I find your itinerary on Google Maps very interesting. – Florian (3 Dec 2017)

I just want to take a couple of moments to say thank you for inspiring many of us to travel! Your pictures have motivated me more than ever before, especially New Zealand which I’ve added to my bucket list now… Wishing you safe travels in the future and expect many more amazing stories from you 🙂 – Abhi (4 Apr 2018)

What’s this blog for?

Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece

This platform is here to share travel adventures, travel tips that I’ve learned through being on the road, and provide destination guides to millennial and student travellers who seek to spend less and travel more.

Since then, this blog is devoted fully to the discovery of a world outside what you limit yourself to.

My Story

Ghent, Belgium
Ghent, Belgium

I was on an international exchange in Europe from January to June 2015, and that was the impetus which led me to set up this blog.

Who am I, really?

During my travels, I had to peruse different websites in search of my next travel idea while researching about a country’s cultures and routes, and it wasn’t an easy task. I always wished there was someone experienced, honest and reliable who could tell me things I wish I knew before stepping foot into a foreign land.

My travels went on, with a 6-month Working Holiday in New Zealand (Nov 2017 to Apr 2018), and now I’m based in Japan (Jun 2018 to Aug 2018).

Read: The 32 Countries I've Been

Now that I’ve amassed a wealth of travel knowledge from my personal experience, I’m sharing them with you, so that you can travel better, longer and stretch every penny.

Whether it is to indulge in my adventures, learn about all the funky foods I’ve tried, or simply for some travel inspiration, I hope you’ll leave feeling like you’ve gained something!

Mount Titlis, Engelberg
Mount Titlis, Engelberg

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What do you want to see more of?

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