Being A Female Solo Traveller – Interview with Millennials of Singapore

Female Solo Traveller - Interview with Millennials of Singapore Isabel Leong

Earlier this month, I’ve had the honour of being interviewed by Millennials of Singapore. Millennials of Singapore, if you’re foreign to them, is a community page that aims to showcase everyday millennials in Singapore. It is similar to the more popular Humans of New York, if you will.

It was my first time being in front of the screen and being interviewed on the ground. I’m not sure if you noticed, but I was feeling really nervous.

My main message from the video is that there are plenty of adventurous, fearless, solo female travellers out there. Some have made it their mantra to travel only by themselves, others make a living out of travelling solo and living a digital nomad life. We should not stop ourselves from throwing ourselves into the unknown because of race, gender, religion or social norms. Charge forward (in life) with little expectations, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can gain from your courage.

While some people remain unconvinced about how travel can change your life’s perspectives, if you’ve lived for an extended time overseas, you will understand what I meant when I say it does. For one thing, I chose not to succumb to the paper chase that seems to be the common rite of passage in Singapore, but to follow where my interests lie. (I don’t say “passion” because really, what exactly is passion?) One of which includes dedicating myself to building Bel Around The World up. Despite managing a full-time job, I still get to do what I love and I love the opportunities that come with building this site’s credibility.

Catch the full video at:

Female Solo Traveller - Interview with Millennials of Singapore Isabel Leong

If you’re interested for follow up stories on instances which I’ve mentioned in the videos, you can read the full story below:


I am grateful everyday for the opportunities that come, and for the support people around me have given. Thank YOU too, for reading this. <3

I believe in miracles, especially those associated with big passion. If a person is very passionate, has great courage and strength, he is capable of miracles. I believe that if you dare to try — miracles can happen. You have to open yourself up to it. When you put yourself in the path of it. When you take risks. When you say yes. I believe you will only see the miracle when you allow the unexpected to happen. There are people who do not believe in them, they live flatly by laws alone, they live in a world without magic and miracles… And it’s so terrifying…


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