55 cities,

16 countries.

That’s one third of the 44 countries in Europe.

And 8% of the world, out of the 195 countries in the world.

And that’s the number of places I’ve covered in 6 months while travelling around Europe from January to June 2015.

Equipped with my Europe packing list, I set off to Europe for the first time, and I’ve discovered a world far bigger than I’ve imagined.

You can find some of the Europe trip itineraries from the cities I’ve been to below in that 6 months in Europe. This is especially useful if you are looking to travel Europe on a budget.

In chronological order, I’ve been to:

  1.  Netherlands
    1. Amsterdam
    2. Zaanse Schans
  2. United Kingdom
    1. Bristol
    2. Cardiff
    3. Stroud
    4. London
  3. France
    1. Paris
    2. Dieppe
    3. Trouville-Deauville
    4. Lyon
    5. Nice
    6. Eze
    7. Cannes
    8. Strasbourg
    9. Colmar
  4. Monaco
  5. Belgium
    1. Brussels
    2. Ghent
    3. Bruges
    4. Antwerp
  6. Spain
    1. Barcelona
    2. Granada
    3. Nerja
    4. Malaga
    5. Seville
    6. Ronda
  7. Portugal
    1. Lisbon
    2. Sintra
    3. Porto
  8. Germany
    1. Berlin
    2. Hamburg
    3. Cologne
    4. Frankfurt
    5. Heidelberg
    6. Rothenburg
    7. Georgensmünd
    8. Ulm
    9. Munich
    10. Dresden
  9. Czech Republic
    1. Prague
  10. Italy
    1. Venice
    2. Florence
    3. Pisa
    4. Cinque Terre
    5. Rome
  11. Vatican City
  12. Turkey
    1. Istanbul
    2. Cappadocia
  13. Greece
    1. Athens
    2. Santorini
    3. Milos
  14. Austria
    1. Vienna
    2. Hallstat
    3. Salzburg
  15. Switzerland
    1. Zurich
    2. Lucerne
  16. Hungary
    1. Budapest

You may find links accompanying each of the destinations I’ve been to. They contain my personal experience while spending the 6 months in Europe, as well as some handy tips for making the most of your experience there.

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Planning a trip to Europe needn’t be stressful or overwhelming. You can start with this list of 50+ Europe travel tips that teaches you the best way to travel Europe. The cheapest way to travel Europe is by budget airlines, buses and trains. 

Europe is a cluster of countries that are relatively close by, so travelling between cities and countries are less arduous than countries like USA or Canada where the land area is massive! 

This page will be continuously updated with up to date links, so keep checking back!

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If you have further queries regarding the destinations I’ve been/ how to budget, feel free to ask me!

‘Til then, au revoir!

Neglecting to broaden their view has kept some people doing one thing all their lives. – Napolean Hill

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