Dubai is the dream getaway when it comes to visiting a place that has it all. You can go there for shopping, to cruise around or explore the deserts. The night time in Dubai is more beautiful than the days because of the lights all around.

However, if it is your first time in Dubai and you are looking for things to do in Dubai at night, then we have some suggestions for you about the places to visit in Dubai at night.

6 Astonishing Places to Visit in Dubai at Night

1. Desert Safari and Camping

Desert Safari And Camping, Top Things to Do in Dubai at Night

If you visit Dubai and do not visit the deserts that it is so famous for, you are missing out on A LOT!

The Arabian is popular all over the world, and here you will get a chance to get the best of it. These deserts offer a range of activities like camel riding, sand skiing, dune bashing, and quad biking.

The highlight, however, is the desert safari in Dubai that is to be done after sunset. This time of the day adds to the magic of the atmosphere. Who doesn’t love camping under the stars? Camping in its own is quite entertaining, and many people do it wherever they live. Camping in the desert is a cherry on top.

This is a major highlight of the exciting nightlife in Dubai. After the sun sets, the desert becomes cold. Spend your romantic moments in the serene silence of the desert at night with moonlit sand dancing with the cool breeze.

The popular camping options are Desert Nights Camp, The Caravans Camp, Arabian Oryx Camp, Arabian Adventures.

Experience the soul of Dubai by spending an eventful night basking in the desert. If you are with your better half, this will be the perfect date. Plan a romantic dinner in the middle of the oasis with a luxury tent.

Your night will be worth remembering with some fine dining along with relishing the best of all the sides. Having barbecue dinners on the Arabian sands and watching cultural performances like the Tanura Dance Show and a majestic Fire Show is enjoyable.

2. Dune bashing

What to do when in the dunes? Go dune bashing!

A Dubai night is practically incomplete without a desert safari and a night safari in the Arabian Desert is among the top ways to live the happening nightlife in Dubai.

When you are a part of a private night safari, dune bashing will be all the more fun and romantic. Being in an SUV, driving with your better half by your side and bashing the sand dunes; what more do you want?!

Stop by to enjoy the starlit sky and the cool breeze. Major attractions for a private night safari in the desert include a buffet dinner, camel safari, stargazing, dune bashing, and desert walk.

3. Kayaking at night

Kayaking At Night, Top Things to Do in Dubai at Night

According to Insydo, Hatta Kayak at Hatta Dam is one of the favourite spots for kayaking in Dubai. It offers one of the most amazing kayaking trips in Dubai.

Each person gets to have their own kayak that they can paddle their way around in the peaceful waters. Hatta Dam is surrounded by mountains and kayaking there at night will provide you with the nature therapy you need.

4. Dubai Creek

You have got to go on a romantic cruise through the Dubai Creek because it is clearly among the most amazing activities you can do at night in Dubai.

It is normally a sunset cruise where you get a gorgeous view of the ginormous Dubai skyline. When you stand on the deck and watch the sunset in the ocean, you will witness this view where the evening transforms into a beautiful night.

This saltwater creek flows through the heart of Dubai and brings out the sophisticated architecture of Bur Dubai. You have all that view with the sparkling skyline of Deira Dubai where you can point out the infinite skyscrapers that look like tall towers of light.

A cruise down the waters of Dubai Creek will provide you with an experience that cannot be forgotten. You can also have an amazing dinner in the middle of the enchanting Dubai lights.

5. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa has the honour of having the title of the tallest building and the tallest freestanding structure in the world.

When you set your eyes upon this structure, you will find that there isn’t another skyline view elsewhere that looks as majestic as this.

The beauty of Burj Khalifa is doubled at night with all its lights glimmering in the dark. Catch the enchanting view of the Burj Khalifa at night or watch the precious view of the glittering world that sets around it.

This mega skyscraper has more than 160 storeys. It is not only the outside of the Burj Khalifa that you need to see because this building will also provide you with a breathtaking view of the Dubai city at night.

Get on top of the building and get the exclusive view of Burj Al Arab, the Dubai Creek, and every structure in the city. Standing on top of Burj Khalifa is nothing less than standing on top of the world.

6. Ride a helicopter

A Helicopter Ride, Top Things to Do in Dubai at Night

Any city is worth watching when seen from above at night. When it comes to Dubai, you will not get an experience better than this. With its tall and luxurious buildings, the view is phenomenal from the sky at night. It is like watching a sky full of stars except it is all upside down.

Get a spectacular view of Dubai Creek, historical monuments, the golf club, and the sparkling nightscape of Palm Islands in this 22-minute helicopter ride, and you will set foot on the earth enchanted.

Make sure to have your camera so you can capture the glittering night view. Go on a romantic rendezvous with your partner in the dreamland of Dubai.

Flights to Dubai

Depending on where you fly from, there are many flights that go to Dubai:

The next time you visit Dubai, do try out all these activities at night so you do not miss any opportunity to have the best time of your life!

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