While Lapland certainly is considered to be one of the most beautiful and magical places in the world, many people don’t even know where it is.

Where is Lapland


The area commonly referred to as Lapland stretches across parts of Finland and Sweden, in the southernmost part of the Arctic Circle. Trips to Lapland is filled with a plethora of magical activities, beautiful scenery and stunning sights.

Flights to Lapland aren’t cheap, but it’s certainly worth it as a once in a lifetime opportunity for the whole family to enjoy!

This is especially so during the winter months. A true winter wonderland sliding through frozen lakes, visiting snow village and having cocktails at an ice bar, it is a place to make memories for a lifetime.

Read on for some of Lapland’s points of interest!

Things to Do in Lapland

Lapland in winter is home to some of the most stunning sights in the world. Below, you can find an extensive list of activities in Lapland, from sleigh rides to meeting the big man himself!

1. Santa Claus Village

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Take your Santa trips to Lapland and meet Lapland’s Father Christmas! There’s no better way to celebrate your Christmas holidays than to visit Santa in Lapland.

Lapland is known as the home of the beloved Santa Claus, so there’s really no better place to spend a magical weekend at.

You can pay a visit to Santa in his workshop and enjoy a hot cup of something delicious while chatting to him, or you can venture outside and meet his reindeer. You’ll get the chance to have a good chat with Santa, ask him all about his life in Lapland and feed his reindeer that help him fly the famous sleigh come Christmas Eve!

Santa Claus Village is considered to be one of the most magical places on earth, so whether you’re a young child or an adult, you can rest assure that you’ll have the most magical weekend break.

2. Northern Lights


The Northern Lights can actually be seen from numerous places in the world, but one of the very best (and most magical) places to see them is in Lapland.

The best place to go to see the Northern Lights really clearly is Finland because the majority of the Finnish Lapland lies within the Arctic.

The Arctic Circle is defined as the point where, during the winter the sun does not rise; and in summer the sun does not set for a full day. This is also known as the Midnight Sun.

Aurora Borealis is one of the most spectacular natural sights in the world and it’s an absolute must-see while in Lapland. They fill the sky with the most amazing array of colours and patterns and you’ll feel truly lucky to see them.

The Northern Lights are an elusive phenomenon, as it’s not guaranteed that you’ll see them while on your trip.

If you do manage to get a glimpse of them, then you can be rest assured that you’ve experienced one of the most magical things in the world.

3. Skiing


Skiing is just one of the many winter sporting activities you can take part in while visiting Lapland.

Whether you’re a beginner skier, or you’ve been doing it for years, Lapland’s ski slopes will be sure to cater to your every need, and there is certainly a ski resort right for you.

You can also enjoy taking ski lessons from some of the best instructors in the business, and there’s really nothing more special or rewarding than heading out to the slopes for a few hours before heading back to your cosy cabin or hotel.

4. Husky Ride


While in Lapland, you can also enjoy a husky sleigh ride that will see you hurtling across the most breathtaking landscapes and seeing some of the most beautiful scenery that Lapland has to offer.

Dog sledding is a very popular activity for visitors in Lapland. And no matter if you’ve done it before – you can be sure that it will be a remarkable experience.

Best Hotels in Lapland


There are many amazing hotels in Lapland, and with the trip being such a unique and magical experience, you need to ensure that you make the right decision when it comes to where to stay.

1. Ice Hotel Lapland

Lapland’s ICEHOTEL was voted as one of the ‘World’s Greatest Places’ of 2018 in TIME Magazine’s list.

It’s no wonder therefore, that it’s an absolutely perfect place to stay in while you’re in Swedish Lapland.

The hotel is world-famous and is also an incredible art exhibition that’s made from snow and ice. A stay here truly is a dream come true!

2. Arctic Light Hotel

The Arctic Light Hotel in Lapland is yet another fantastically magical place to stay. It’s situated in a great location, allowing you to get around easily and everything that Lapland has to offer.

The hotel also boasts wonderfully attentive staff, beautiful rooms and an excellent restaurant for you to enjoy during your stay.

3. Levi Hotel Spa

This hotel is considered to be one of the most luxurious places to stay in Lapland.

It boasts an impressive range of restaurants, a state-of-the-art spa and wellness centre, as well as accommodation options to suit everyone. From single travellers, to families to couples to group bookings, Levi Hotel Spa has something for everyone.

Where to Eat in Lapland

Lapland isn’t really famous for its culinary delights, but you are sure to find and enjoy some incredible dishes during your stay.

1. Restaurant Nili

This restaurant is one of the most popular and beloved places to eat in the whole of Lapland.

Choose from an incredible range of hearty stews and decadent desserts that are sure to keep you warm in freezing cold temperatures!

2. Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi

At this restaurant, you’ll find some of the best Christmas dinner dishes in the world. This particular restaurant serves Christmas dinner meals from November to satisfy tourists’ desires.

At the Kotahovi restaurant, you’ll be able to sample some of the finest ham and delicious vegetables that will put all other Christmas dinners to shame!

3. Kaamasen Kievari

Kaamasen Kievari is located just above the northern town of Inari and is housed in the most wonderful lodge that provides a truly romantic and cosy atmosphere.

It’s a remarkably popular restaurant that is well-loved by both tourists and locals and serves up some of the best dishes from locally sourced produce.

Holidays in Lapland are definitely a once in a lifetime experience; you’ll get to marvel at some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, frolic in Santa’s workshop and meet his reindeer, and taste some of the most exquisite food!

You can also choose to go ice fishing on a frozen lake in the area, stay in one of the snow villages, and grab a drink at one of the ice bars. The choice is yours.

Lapland is surely the best place to go in winter. Just remember to bring your cosiest clothes, and enjoy your stay!

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