Las Vegas!

Whether you’re going there for a stopover between California, Utah and Arizona, or whether you’re stopping over to soak in the nightlife and make some ka-ching quick wins on slot machines, it’s no doubt a popular visit for every Nevada visitor.

It’s no secret that it’s not the most affordable city to visit either, so here’s 18 super valuable tips to help you find a hotel, get around and visit the attractions in Las Vegas at the most reasonable costs!

18 Las Vegas Travel Tips To Equip Yourself Before Going

sign-las vegas, nevada, travel tips1. Travel during the week

Weekend flights tend to be expensive and crowded. Flying during the middle of the week drops the price of not only the flights but on some resorts like The LINQ, Flamingo, and Circus Circus offer special prices at as low as USD22 per night!

Making reservations on Sunday through Thursday save you a ton of money on room pricing. Saturday prices are 3 to 4 times more!

2. Cheap rooms but remember the resort fees

Price-hunting online can get you really cheap rooms. Vegas has offers from all price ranges for most of the most popular resorts, but take into account these might not include the resort fees. Those usually range USD40 per night.

If you’re in for a night out, those are usually expensive, so be sure to calculate your budget.

Rooms should be booked months in advance for the best price. Most hotels allow free cancellations 48 hours before, so feel confident to book your rooms even if the date is not very certain yet.

Speaking of rooms, the hotels in Vegas are so large that newcomers tend to forget what room number they’re staying at. It happens.

Take a quick photo of your room number while you familiarize yourself with the location. This number will also be asked by the resort personnel constantly. It’s also good practice to carry your your passport and driver’s license with you at all times as you may be asked to present it.

Drinks at your Vegas hotel can be expensive. Visit local grocery stores instead and take them to your room if you don’t want to spend all your budget sipping on cocktails.

3. Room views are part of the trip

las-vegas-U.S.A Trip destinationHotel window view shots are one of the first things a traveller comes here for. The view is just amazing, whether by day or night.

If you don’t pay attention to your room location, the view can end up being a brick wall or the backside of the neon letters naming the hotel. Always ask the main desk to describe the view from your room before making your reservation. It should be clear of obstacles.

4. Vegas is not hot all the time

Day temperatures can exceed the 38C/ 100F, but buildings keep the AC on at full capacity. Nights are chilly, so keep that jacket handy.

Always carry water during your daily walks. Dehydration is very palpable.

5. Pack light

Don’t overpack with all those things you think you might need, because most likely you won’t. If you do, they can easily be purchased in Las Vegas. Shopping is one of the pleasures here. Avoid taking electronic distractions. Vegas is not a prime destination to begin that new novel; leave that for the Caribbean.

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6. The mirage effect – not everything is as close as they seem

architecture-las vegas, night lightsVegas makes the impression that everything is very close when in fact distances are pretty far apart. Tall buildings in a spaced out flat city produce the illusion. More than one unwary traveller has set out on a 20-minute walk that turns into a 3-hour hike in the baking sun.

Soon enough, you will discover the free monorail and bus rides that links to all the main attractions.

That said, take some comfy and clothing. Just moving inside hotels can be quite the walk.

7. Warn taxis not to take the tunnel

Some taxi drivers are notoriously known for taking the tunnel on purpose to increase the taxi fares. There is no need to use the tunnel when leaving or heading to the airport, it only makes the journey to your hotel unnecessarily long.

Don’t be in a hurry in Las Vegas – cabs can take up to 20 minutes to find. Even then, cab fares are high and while they provide the option to pay with credit cards, this comes at an extra fee of USD3 to USD4. Tips are expected as well.

Taxis can be avoided all together if you make great use of the bus routes and monorail. As an alternative, there are also airport shuttles at a reasonable price.

8. Riding the limo

If you’re feeling fancy, you can try riding a limo. A limo ride to the hotel is usually just around USD25. Ask the driver for a stop by the Vegas sign for one cool selfie.

9. Beware the Strip while tipsy

The Vegas Strip is one of America’s busiest streets and crossing roads is dangerous. There’s a lot of crazies around almost at all times, so watch yourself if you have a couple of drinks.

To be safe, look out for the elevated crosswalks to cross.

Regardless, the Strip is one of the most fun places at night. If you are looking for the real Vegas experience, consider staying right in this area.

Explore the city at night. No need to make plans ahead – there is something to do at the turn of the corner any day of the week.

10. Embrace the Bellagio Fountains

bellagio-fountains, las vegas travel tipsThe Bellagio Fountains are a must see when visiting the city. The best way to do it is by crossing the Strip at Bally’s to the pedestrian bridge.

The water show lasts 5 minutes and takes place every 15 minutes.

The most comfortable way to enjoy it is by finding a good spot by the end of one show when tourists are leaving, take the best location and enjoy the next show with some great selfies.

11. Best pizza in town

Ask any know-it-all local, and you’ll realize that the best pizza joint is the one found at the Cosmopolitan on the third floor, near the exit of the Marquee nightclub.

Order their tasty thin crust pizza, perfect for a late-night munch to wear down the drinks and before heading to bed. It will become one of the best memories from your journey. 😉

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12. The best places for meat lovers

5-star restaurants include the Envy The Steakhouse, Michael Mina’s Strip Steak, and Gordon’s Ramsay Steak Restaurant.

For great deals, visit the South Point Hotel and Casino. Find the Coronado Café and get the Prime rib and porterhouse steak entrees for USD14.95. At 3am, the restaurant serves six graveyard specials for only USD4.95!

13. Downtown Vegas is more fun than it seems

las-vegas-casino, night life, travel tipsExplore more than the Fremont Experience. The Slotzilla zip line is a cheap thrill that costs a mere USD25. Save USD5 by zipping before 6pm.

Continue exploring beyond the street canopy on Fremont and 4th.

Beyond is the Fremont East District. Here you will find the interesting bars like Atomic Liquors, The Griffin, Oak & Ivy.

Recommended restaurants are Eat, VegeNation, Le Thai and Chow.

Find the shipping container shopping center with a praying mantis that spits fire at night.

14. Casino trips

The downtown area offers the best pricing for rooms along with the best casino odds and lower limits, which is definitely the place for blackjack and poker lovers.

Begin your casino trips right here before moving into the crowded Strip. It will make your play money last longer. Search for online casino Vegas surveys to find the best places to play your specific casino game.

Take advantage of the constant free drinks, but don’t forget tips.

Beware of your stuff – pocket thieves are not that common but not unheard of. Keep your belongings close by and never trust slots as safe desks.

When entering a casino of choice (preferably play at a casino with sister locations around other resorts), always ask about their reward programs. The loyalty cards will get you some discounts and add up points each time you play. Perks like free lunch, drinks and extra nights are some of the benefits.

That’s not all! You can discover more free things to do in Las Vegas in this guide.

15. Visit the Mob Museum

One of the best attractions from the Downtown area, the Mob Museum, explores the history of the Vegas Mafia. Great food around the corner as well.

16. Drive a Lamborghini

Off Strip attractions include much more than just visiting the Grand Canyon or Hoovers Damn.

Drive over the Nevada desert on a dune buggy or race a Lamborghini Gallardo around the Vegas Motor Speedway.

17. For detox time, visit the Rehab Pool

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino boasts the infamous Rehab pool from the TRUTV reality show, “Rehab Party at the Hard Rock”.

New pools have been added since the show ended; Wet Republic and Drai’s Beach Club are two such examples. Sunday is the best time to visit and chillout after some partying and lots of walking.

During summer, beach clubs transform into nightclubs at sundown. Knowing what to wear, like a sexy black sundress, is perfect for both scenarios.

18. When travelling with the family

Vegas has plenty of options for kids. The Lion Habitat is a safari adventure just outside the city. Circus is a perfect resort for kids. One of the best places to visit during summer time is WetNWild Water Park.

These day trips from Vegas even make for a fun little family road trip

Of course, these are not the only things to do in Vegas. Maybe you wish to share your Vegas travel tips?

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