New York City is a city that is so celebrated, and with good reason. Despite countless of blockbuster movies featuring this vibrant city, no one tires of it. The energy, the creativity, the inspirations that comes out of this city surpasses any other city I’ve been to.

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Being such a metropolitan, energetic city, there is so much to do and so much to see in NYC. I’m sure you’ve seen nooks and crannies of it all over Instagram. Heck, even the food scene is sprawling with a whole plethora of funky cuisines!


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We compile a list of most stunning Instagram spots in NYC for you to up your Instagram game that you’ll want to bookmark this post now!

25 NYC Instagram spots that will WOW your fans

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1. 9/11 Memorial

9-11-Memorial, instagram nyc new york city9/11 Memorial is a memorial built to commemorate what happened on 9/11 of 2001 when a terrorist attack destroyed the twin towers and took many lives.

Instead of deciding to erect a memorial above ground, NYC decided to build a memorial underground exactly where the twin towers were.

Nowadays, when you visit 9/11 Memorial, you will see two giant holes in the ground, exactly where the foundations of the original towers were.


2. Graffiti Tunnel at 191 St Subway Station

191-st-subway-tunnel, instagram nyc new york cityVisiting a subway station for fun might be a weird thing to do in NYC. However, the graffiti tunnel at 191st subway station is a hidden gem rarely visited by travellers. Many simply haven’t heard about it or do not want to make the trek up to 191st at Washington Heights.

Luckily for you, that means fewer people in the way to get that amazing Instagram photo.


3. Bethesda Fountain at Central Park

Bethesda-Fountain-Central-Park, instagram nyc new york cityEveryone and their grandmas tell you that you have to go to Central Park when you visit NYC, but where in Central Park?

Central Park spans 4km long and almost 1km wide, so it is close to impossible to see all of Central Park.

However, the one place you must see in Central Park is the Bethesda Fountain. It is the most iconic place there is in Central Park and where you will find travellers and locals gathered around.


4. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn-Bridge, instagram nyc new york cityA list of the most Instagrammable spots in NYC would not be complete without the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

The famous bridge that connects Manhattan to Brooklyn is probably one of the most visit tourists attractions in all of NYC.

When walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, take a minute to admire the Manhattan skyline, one of the most beautiful skylines in the world.


5. Coney Island

Coney-Island, instagram nyc new york cityDid you know NYC has a beach? Actually, it has several beaches, with the most popular being the beach at Coney Island.

Coney Island is not only a beach but also an amusement park with one of the most beautiful Ferris wheels in the world called the Wonder Wheel.

Come here for a day to relax at the beach, go on some rides at the park, and take some cool photos.



Dumbo, instagram nyc new york cityDUMBO, or the Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is the area in Brooklyn where you will arrive after crossing the Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridge.

DUMBO is by far my favourite place in all of NYC and the best spot for a nice dramatic sunset with the Manhattan skyline behind it.

This is one of the best spots for Instagram photos as you can see both the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge in one shot!


7. Fearless Girl and Charging Bull

Fearless-Girl-and-Charging-Bull, instagram nyc new york city

Fearless Girl

The Charging Bull, or the Wall Street Bull, is first installed in 1987 when the stock market crashed. It is used to represent the strength of will of the American people in such a tough time.

On the other hand, the Fearless Girl statue was installed recently in 2017on International Women’s Day as a symbol of women empowerment and fearlessness.


8. Flatiron Building

Flatiron, instagram nyc new york cityFlatiron Building is another iconic building in NYC. Located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue, Broadway, and 23rd Street, the plot of land was at such a weird triangular shape.

Nonetheless, the developers at that time decided to construct the building and later named it the Flatiron building because of its shape. The history of the Flatiron building is quite fascinating.


9. Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Flushing-Meadows-Corona-Park, instagram nyc new york cityFor those willing to venture out into the unknown depths of Queens (Queens is perfectly fine to visit, by the way!), make sure you check out Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

Considerably the Central Park of Queens, Flushing Meadows Corona Park is a great spot for everyone to come hang out and have a good time. Remember to get your Instagram photo at the symbolic globe!


10. The Fulton Center

Fulton-Center, instagram nyc new york cityThe Fulton Center is mainly a hub for transportation filled with busy commuters and lost travellers. But if you take the time to wander around in The Fulton Center, you will notice that the architecture is top-notch.

The stairs are symmetrically built, the roof is perfectly aligned, and it feels like every detail is well-calculated.


11. Grand Central Terminal

Grand-Central-Terminal, instagram nyc new york cityGrand Central Terminal is another iconic symbol of NYC. If you haven’t heard of the Grand Central Terminal, you should probably go pick up a travel book about NYC.

Not only is the Grand Central Terminal one of the busiest terminals in the world, but it has also become a famous photography spot due to the amazing interior design and high ceiling.

Come here, take your favourite Instagram photo, have food and drinks, and explore the terminal!


12. Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim-Museum, instagram nyc new york cityThe Guggenheim Museum is one of the most famous museums in NYC. Not only does it have many collections of art, but the whole building itself is also a representation of contemporary art.

The spiral ramp that leads to the domed skylight will be one of the coolest Instagram photos you will find in NYC.


13. The Oculus (the interior)

Inside-Oculus, instagram nyc new york cityThe Oculus, or otherwise known as the World Trade Center, is located adjacent to the 9/11 Memorial. Its beauty lies in the fact that precious Italian marble was used to construct the surface of this landmark.

Hence, when you enter The Oculus, it’s almost like you are entering a wonderland. Everything is meticulously white that it almost feels like you can eat off the ground! (Please don’t.)


14. The Oculus (the exterior)

Outside-Oculus, instagram nyc new york cityWhen you are done checking out the inside of the Oculus, make sure you grab a look outside as well.

The facade of the Oculus is designed by a Spanish architect by the name of Santiago Calatrava. The design resembles a white dove taking a flight and its one of the most unique architectures in the whole world.

15. Irish Hunger Memorial

Irish-Memorial, instagram nyc new york city

The Irish Hunger Memorial was built to raise awareness of the Great Irish Famine which took place from 1845 to 1852 when a total of over one million people starved to death.

The museum is open in the day but at night, the lights around the museum turn on, turning it into an imposing presence by night.


16. Jane’s Carousel

Jane's-Carousel, instagram nyc new york cityAn iconic place of NYC, Jane’s Carousel is located in DUMBO and is one of the most Instagrammable spots in NYC.

Just imagine, you riding on a carousel, having the time of your life, and getting a photo of it with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline as your backdrop. Just wow. The cost to ride Jane’s Carousel is only USD2.


17. One World Trade Center (Outside and Below)

Outside-one-world-trade, instagram nyc new york city

Outside One World Trade Center

One of the most popular tourist activity is going up to the observation deck at One World Trade Center.

As one of the tallest buildings in NYC, you will have some of the most amazing views of the Manhattan skyline.

Did you know, there is also an amazing view from down below? If you stand directly underneath One World Trade Center and look up, it is a surreal image that you will see.


18. Pell Street Chinatown

Pell-Street-Chinatown, instagram nyc new york cityPell Street in Chinatown is one of those iconic old streets that still exists in NYC. A lot of the places in Chinatown are getting more and more diverse so you will hardly feel like you are a part of the Chinese culture, but not Pell Street.

There, you will find signs extending out into the streets, beautiful old traditional buildings, and a very different vibe from the rest of Chinatown.



Spyscape, instagram nyc new york city

SPYSCAPE is one of the most fun and weird things to do in NYC.

Promoting itself as an interactive museum, not only can you learn about the history of spies, you can also see if you can become one.

One of the interactive parts of the museum is seeing if you can lie to a detector as well as discerning if someone is lying through micro-expressions. Not only is it a fun activity, the whole museum is also very picturesque.


20. Sky Bridge at Staple Street

Staple-Street-Skybridge, instagram nyc new york cityThe Sky Bridge at Staple Street in Tribeca was designed in 1907 for the Hospital House of Relief when they expanded and needed something to connect the two buildings.

Nowadays, the two buildings have turned into residential lofts that can be bought. If you are swimming in cash, come to NYC and buy this Instagram beauty into your possession.


21. The Vessel

The-Vessel, instagram nyc new york cityThe Vessel is the latest hit in NYC. Recently opened on 15 March 2019, it has already attracted many travellers to its unique location.

A beehive? A drill? What is it? Honestly, no one knows. Whatever it is, I think we can all agree that it is an architectural achievement, one that will be iconic in NYC for years to come.

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22. Times Square

Times-Square, instagram nyc new york cityTimes Square is definitely a hit-or-miss for most people.

Local New Yorkers absolutely hate this place due to the crowd and how expensive it is.

Day time is a good time to see Times Square but at night time it is a completely different place. The bright neon lights at Times Square at night will make you believe that it is still 2pm.

After all, NYC is the city that never sleeps.


23. Washington Square Park

Washington-Square-Park, instagram nyc new york cityWashington is another famous park in NYC, and probably right behind Central Park in popularity.

Come and grab your favourite Instagram photo with the beautiful fountain in the middle or with the Washington Square Arch.


24. Helicopter Ride over NYC

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Want to know where to take the coolest Instagram photo? One that will have all your friends jealous for the rest of their lives?

Up in the skies, on a helicopter, over Manhattan.

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If the thought of that doesn’t have your heart racing, then something’s wrong. Get an aerial view of NYC through one of the certified helicopter operators in NYC and you will have an unforgettable experience.

25. Manhattan Bridge at Washington Street

Manhattan-Bridge-at-Washington-Bridge, instagram nyc new york cityLast but not least, The Manhattan Bridge at Washington Street is a place that I don’t need further explanation for.

Beautiful cobbled-stoned streets, traditional buildings of NYC and the iconic Manhattan Bridge all in one photo. Don’t miss this place when you come to NYC.


And so, these are the 25 most Instagrammable places in NYC!

Have you been to any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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