The photos of Pandawas Villas on the Internet made the entire property larger than it looks, but as we climbed up the steps to Pandawas Villas, we realise this tropical-themed property has only 4 rooms. The photos on the Internet certainly did not prepare us for what we were getting ourselves into, and much less do this sanctuary justice.

With the cosy enclave came intimacy and exclusivity. Guests can expect an almost complete privacy set in the heart of the Ubud forest.  Instead of expansive common areas, the land area was spread over generously within individual villas instead.

As with all properties in Ubud, it is necessary to get a vehicle to reach Pandawas Villas.

Pandawas Villas’ Room


Each Luxury Villa Room is 125 square metres in size. The extensiveness of the room way surpassed our expectations, and I squealed in delight when we were first brought into our room. Such massive room sizes are an absolute scarcity in Singapore, so you can imagine how much glee I felt when I first laid eyes on our room.

A king bed dominated the space. On its right is the couch and wall-mounted flat-screen television. A DVD player and speakers were also installed, although we had no clue how to operate it. Walking further in, we have a whole row of dressing table and a walk-in wardrobe made of dark wood, revealing hints of the Hindu-inspired villa. A little door beside the extensive wardrobe revealed our outdoor bathroom!

The bathroom is no less extravagant. If I may admit, it is one of the most impressive features of the room. Brass sinks (yes there were 2 of them) with individual mirrors, an outdoor triangular bathtub, a standing shower with brass shower head and wooden towel racks fill the outdoor, tropical bathroom.

Did I also mention how the room is encased in large windows on two sides, allowing Bali’s natural lighting to accentuate the room’s sheer size? The roof converges upwards from 4 corners, making the room feel truly like a luxurious hut.

The only challenge we had? The fear of misplacing our belongings, since we had plenty of space to lay them around. 😛

Prices start from SGD288 on Booking.com and SGD208 on Agoda. Check the prices on HotelsCombined, too!

Pandawas Villas’ Amenities

Pandawas Villas, Ubud, Bali

Apart from the desk that serves as the reception, there is a common dining area made of a large wooden table, sandwiched between the reception and the pool.

The infinity-type pool is in the heart of all 4 villa rooms, so all rooms are awarded a pool view from their doors. Beyond the villas and pool lay the lush Ubud forest. Imagine waking up to a view of the pool and the forest every morning! I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t want to call this place home.

Pandawas Villas’ Services

Pandawas Villas, Ubud, Bali entrance

A private shuttle service to and from Ubud centre is provided by Pandawas Villas, and is available to you as long as there were no other guest request that clash. These are some of the perks you get from a hotel that has less guests to attend to.

Breakfast in Bed at Pandawas Villas!


Our stay was cut short by our plan to hike Mount Batur at sunrise. We had to leave our villa at 2.30pm to head up to the base of the mountain. A long 9 hours later after witnessing the majestic sunrise and visiting the Tegalalang rice terrace, we headed back to Pandawas Villas for our breakfast. We had the option of having our breakfast in the room and we thought, why not? We have plenty of room to enjoy our power meal in the comfort of our room anyway!



What came arriving once more made us drop our jaws. Our breakfast came in a tray that is so large it requires 2 staffs to deliver. It was truly a large spread. We had eggs (done our way), fruit platters, bread baskets, tea, coffee and fruit juice, presented in Balinese tableware. The entire set up looked so colourful that it made our breakfasts look super appealing. Besides, having returned from our energy-zapping activities, we couldn’t wait to dig in. No doubt we felt like royalty there and then.

Dining at Watercress Bali

Owned by the same owner of Pandawas Villas, we had the honour of trying Watercress out for dinner. Located about 10 minutes walk from Ubud centre, the waiters welcomed us very warmly. The cafe resembles that of a wooden hut that is two storeys high. Dining here at night is an intimate affair, and I would imagine this cafe to be very conducive for nomadic work come day time, with free WiFi and excellent drink choices. Most cafes, in fact, provide WiFi for patrons.


The Watercress Seafood Platter for two includes king prawns, BBQ Mahi-Mahi, crumbled calamari, and coriander pesto with tempura vegetables. I have to admit though, the serving portions were very generous, with the 2 side dishes, salad and baby potatoes, topped to the brim. Most of the food was served tempura style, with a large variety of seafood on the plate. The light and crispy batter gave way to the fresh seafood within.


It was a pity we waited for almost an hour for our food to arrive, that we were almost satiated from our drinks. The long, arduous wait made us lose a part of our appetite while we watched our neighbours indulge in their own offerings. This also meant we had lesser time to enjoy our dinner, as our villa driver was waiting for us.

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One of the perks about living in a small villa is the flexibility. We had our breakfast 11:30am, and we were able to arrange for the villa’s driver to drop off and pick us up at arranged timings.

We would have really loved to stay for a longer time at such an extravagant property, and taken our time to explore Ubud’s nook and cranny. It’s a shame our schedules were to tight to accommodate that.

Pandawas Villas would be perfect for those who enjoy being close to nature and want the tranquility that comes from being away from the rest of the crowded centre.

Pandawas Villas, Ubud, Bali
Jl. Raya Kendaran No. 1, 80561 Gianyar, Bali 
[email protected]

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Includes welcome drink and 30-minute foot massage.
Valid for a minimum of 3 nights.

Check prices on Booking.com and Agoda.

Special thanks to Pandawas Villas for making this stay possible! All opinions remain my own.

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