Taking time to treat yourself to a relaxing holiday is imperative for good health and essential well-being. Allowing the time for your body and mind to recharge is a worthy investment, and there is nothing wrong with trying a bit of luxury for your next travel destination.

Here are some top destinations with the perfect relaxing holiday experience in mind.

Top destinations for a relaxing holiday

1. The Maldives

COMO-Cocoa-Island-couple-walk-beach maldivesThere is a reason that the Maldives is one of the most popular spots for honeymoon couples – one of the most popular honeymoon destination in the world, in fact! This is the ultimate place to de-stress and relax, and truly escape from the responsibilities of your day-to-day.

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COMO-Cocoa-Island-boardwalk-night-villa maldives

COMO Cocoa Island

The Maldives is made up of 26 coral islands, meaning you have 26 choices of beautiful locations, all complete with the whitest sand and bluest water. Each coral island has its own unique appeal, so take a look at which one best suits your relaxation needs when you come to choose (although the chances are that any of them will do the job perfectly).

COMO Cocoa Island, Maldives; Hotel Review
Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, Maldives; Hotel Review
Outrigger Konotta Maldives; Hotel Review

You also wouldn’t want to miss the chance to take part in some of the Maldives’ best water sport activities, and the opportunity to explore the crystal waters through scuba diving. Everything you do here will be navigated in a laid-back manner with no pressure.

Places such as the Maldives always come with fantastic optional extras, too – such as champagne on the beach, and a massage while lying on the sand in the sun. What could be better?

2. Budapest, Hungary

Fisherman's Bastion, things to do in budapest, what to do in budapest, what to eat in budapest, hungary

Fisherman’s Bastion

Relaxation doesn’t always have to mean sandy beaches and a tropical climate. If you prefer a little culture to help you really wind down, then consider Budapest in Hungary.

This destination is truly one of the grandest cities in Europe. Just because it’s a city destination, however, doesn’t mean that there are no obvious opportunities for a little luxury and relaxation – because in Budapest you can treat yourself to one of their restorative spas, which are actually fed thermal water from subterranean springs.

Szechenyi thermal bath, baths in budapest, things to do in budapest, what to do in budapest, what to eat in budapest, hungary

Szechenyi thermal bath

The city also has a host of fitness facilities, meaning you can help your body and mind get back on track with some time invested in gentle exercise and an improved fitness routine.

There are also lots of visual delights to soothe the senses in terms of architecture and galleries, including an array of mosaics and stained glass.

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3. Vancouver, Canada

East End of Rundle (EEOR) Trail, Canada, canada road trip itinerary, Canada scenic drivesAgain, here is an option a little different from a tropical getaway. Vancouver in Canada is a cosmopolitan paradise, and even though you might be inside a bustling city scene, you will be surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges and astounding natural sights, truly offering the best of both worlds.

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Despite the idea of a city conjuring up images of busy and crowded vibes, Vancouver is one of the most laid-back cities. It also plays host to the incredible Stanley Park, Vancouver’s largest urban area. The park is available to walk or cycle around and truly take in the vivid greens the park has to offer.

There is also a 400-hectare natural rainforest (which sounds fantastic to think when talking about a city escape), and there are plenty of scenic views to be found with the best treats for your eyes, including water, glorious sky and trees lining the park.

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There are also many great walking trails to be found around Vancouver, along with amazing cuisine and eating spots, to truly satisfy your appetite and help you feel more at peace with the world.

4. Florida, USA

orlando-disney-florida-theme-parkAlthough Florida is famous for being the home to a vast number of theme parks, including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, there are plenty of reasons to travel to Florida for a relaxing holiday this year.

You can explore the many historical sites as well as the art museums that line the streets to add a little bit of culture to your trip. Or why not head to the beach and lounge about in a hammock with a cocktail in your hand or make your way to a spa where you can relax in the sauna and jacuzzi in style?

Take your relaxing trip to the Sunshine State that one step further by upgrading your accommodation to a villa. Florida Villa Holidays offer the best in comfortable and private, luxury quarters that will help you to feel refreshed and relaxed.

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5. Jamaica

Where better to relax than a destination famous for its completely chilled-out vibes? Not only that, but Jamaica is host to some of the softest, whitest stretches of sand waiting for you to enjoy, and some resorts even offer their own private spots of the beach dedicated to you.

Jamaica is also big on exercising wellbeing, meaning there is plenty of opportunities to take part in yoga, tai chi and other relaxed sports options to truly get your body and mind in harmony.

Its Caribbean climate also means that the weather should be glorious, with lush terrain and mountain ranges as far as the eye can see. Don’t forget to fit in a visit to the Bob Marley Museum and settle down with some reggae music to truly feel at peace.

6. Mauritius

This destination was made for the sole purpose of relaxation. This stunning island nation in the Indian Ocean not only boasts the brightest sand and clearest water, but that water is filled with dolphins and colourful tropical fish, to truly give you a visual experience worth remembering. You can even get a little closer and experience a snorkelling trip to see the stunning colours of the fish up close.

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Mauritius is also home to vast mountains and lavish rainforests populated with a wonderful array of wildlife. If your idea of relaxation is being surrounded by stimulating creatures in a breathtaking setting, then Mauritius is the destination for you.

breast hill hiking girl, new zealandIt’s also possible to enjoy a hike and a picnic in some of the incredible rainforests of Mauritius, along with activities available such as kite surfing.

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