Are you a home owner with a spare property or spare room, wondering what you can do about it to make full use of it? Do you know you can earn extra money just by listing your spare room for travellers?

If you’re considering becoming a host for a service such as Airbnb or Booking.com, you’re probably wondering about all of the responsibilities and benefits that go along with it.

Listing your property out is becoming an increasingly popular venture for people with a bit of patience and some extra room to spare. However, there’s a bit of work involved in this type of business and you need to understand that before you enter into the market. It’s not as simple as giving people a spare key and taking their money.

This post will share with you why you should host your home/ property/ room and how to make the most of listing your property. In other words, how can you maximize your earnings from becoming an Airbnb host. Read on for more Airbnb hosting tips!

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Why you should become an Airbnb host

1. Earn extra income

What’s the main reason you want to host your home? Obviously, most people are in it for the extra cash on the side. After all, fully utilizing your place while making some bank sounds like a win-win deal. Who knows, you can even create a full-time business out of renting places?

If you’re curious about how much you can earn by becoming an Airbnb host, Airbnb’s website shows you an average amount you can earn per month based on your location, size and number of people you can host.

airbnb host tips earn moneyYou can even look at hosting property as a stepping stone to a real-estate empire. It’s a long and arduous process, but it’s not exactly unheard of for people to start off with one place and end up branching out.

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2. Get to know strangers

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t invite strangers into your home, as your parents might have mentioned to you. However, sometimes it might be ok to put that line of thinking to the side. After all, there’s a lot of side-hustle money involved.

How do you then cope with having strangers spend time on your property without worrying your brains out?

Just because they’re complete strangers, doesn’t mean that you can’t trust them at all. There are ways to see if your potential guests are any good without even getting to meet them.

For starters, you will probably get in touch with them before they step foot in the city. A couple of conversations with them will alleviate your anxiety of strangers. You might even make some new friends along the way.

paris friends group cheryl student travel series

While it’s always possible to encounter some sketchy individuals, most people are just regular folk that need a place to stay in your vicinity. If you need additional reassurance, services like Airbnb often have reviews by the previous hosts, which will let you rest easy knowing that your place is in good hands.

3. You make the rules

As the host, you get to make the rules regarding your apartment or home. Guests have to adhere to them if they want to enjoy the place during their stay in your city.

However, make sure that your rules are reasonable for an Airbnb rental. You might have the final say, but that doesn’t mean that you should alienate potential guests with ridiculous requests and rules.

You should allow guests to have a reasonable check-in and check-out times. If they’re travelling and exploring your city, you can be sure that they’ll be pretty tired in the morning and you don’t want to deal with grumpy guests at 8 am.

Best Hardside Carry On Luggage, airportAs a traveller, I found that hosts who allow guests to park their luggage before check in time are much more desirable than those who strictly adhere to only entering at check-in time.

9 crucial Airbnb host tips for your property to be in hot demand!

A lot of hosts don’t see the point of putting in additional effort when setting up their properties. After all, it’s as simple as leaving the key and letting people stay the night. However, a little bit of effort can go a long way, especially when the reviews start coming in.

key house-airbnb host tipsHosting your apartment on Airbnb and similar websites make it a service that has a ton of competition. There are countless others that are counting on people enjoying their stay in order to get good reviews and more potential guests. For this reason, you might want to show the guests that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make their stay pleasant.

1. First impressions count

First impressions are everything, and nowhere is that more apparent than the front door of your apartment.

As the host, you want the guests to feel like they’re welcome from the moment that they step into your apartment. You might not even be there to greet them, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give them a warm and welcoming experience from afar.

project-boat-quay dorm singapore budget hostelThis could be anything from sending them a warm welcome before they arrive through the booking platform, to providing home made biscuits in the apartment for when they arrive. Better yet, take the time to meet and engage your guests when they arrive – it’s all part of fostering a good relationship.

A lot of hosts start with cute personalised logo mats that stand out and give the guests something nice to look at right off the bat.

2. Show that you care

A small gesture such as a thoughtfully-written note won’t impact their stay much, but it will let them know that you care about having their stay be as wonderful as possible.

Add some small details about the apartment that the guests don’t know, like where to find certain items if they need them and any quirks that they might encounter.

3. Share your knowledge

You don’t have to go all out or bend over backwards with the rules to accommodate guests, but a couple of thoughtful touches could make all the difference.

If they’re new to the city, preparing a map and guide for public transportation would make their day go a lot smoother. You would think that they have already checked everything in advance online, but nothing beats local, insider knowledge. Hence, any help from a local such as yourself will be greatly appreciated by your guests!

4. Keep it well-equipped

Your apartment needs to be a shining example of a well-equipped Airbnb. This means aiming for two very important things: form and function.

Bathroom essentials such as soap and toilet paper are a must, but you don’t have to worry about them eating away at your budget. Some guests will bring their own shower gel, shampoo, and specific soaps, so getting quality bathroom essentials isn’t something you need to think too much about.

Cleaning products, on the other hand, should be stored under the counter, just in case a spill happens and the guests might want to take care of it on their own.

5. Look presentable

bed-bedroom-home-airbnb host tipsIf you want to earn the reputation of being the host of a personal five-star hotel, it needs to look the part.

You may want to have an attractive colour scheme that really stands out. The furniture should be arranged well and give off a cozy and comfortable vibe, without sacrificing aesthetics.

On the other end of the spectrum, having a clean, neutral-themed home makes guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Besides, they are also easier to clean up and tidy.

6. Cover things up

You can expect guests to be careful around your apartment, but it’s always a good idea to stay on the safe side. If you have any pieces of furniture that you deem too dear to risk staining, you might want to cover them up or put them away.

Colour plays a big part in what you might want to protect. If the bed is maroon, anything short of spilling bleach probably won’t have any effect on its look and it will be easy to wash.

A white couch, on the other hand, can be stained rather easily, even when the guests are extra careful. Rubbing certain types of clothes on it might be enough to discolour it.

Instead of leaving it up in a vulnerable state, why not simply cover it with a spread of a different colour? If it matches the rest of the room, you don’t have to worry about it sticking out.

7. Make a bigger impression

living-room-airbnb host tipsHave a special feature within your apartment for guests to remember your property by. It could be a cute loft-style house, a vintage clock, an old record player or a minimalist theme. When they are impressed, chances are, your review will also be impressive.

8. Quality counts

When it comes to function, the most important element of the apartment is the bed.

You can’t have a bed and breakfast without a bed, can you? A good night’s sleep is basically the only reason people rent out apartments in the first place. They need a place to relax and unwind after a day of exploring or partying. If the bed is comfortable enough to instantly drift away into dreamland, you can be sure that your reviews will be top-notch.

Another consideration could be bedroom/ bathroom scents, which speak volumes about offering guests a quality stay.

9. Carefully consider pricing

You might not realize it, but pricing service like Airbnb is a lot harder than it looks. A lot of people will simply set their weekday and weekend rates and call it a day. They don’t revisit the prices or change them depending on circumstances and that seriously hurts long-term profit potential.

To get optimal pricing for your property, you’ll need to watch prices and consider different factors. What if there’s a large festival happening in your vicinity and people are clamouring to find a place?

On the other hand, it might be a slow season and your previous prices might be a bit too high considering that the competition has adapted to this fact.

Watching your competition and taking other factors into account will give you a much better idea of the prices you should post and you’ll end up with a lot more money in the long run.

Being an Airbnb host requires a bit of dedication and thoughtfulness. You want your guests to enjoy staying at your place and you’re probably counting on some good reviews to boost your popularity on the website.

As long as you take a good hard look at all of the factors that go into hosting an Airbnb, you can be sure that you’ll get repeat business from satisfied customers and that you won’t regret your decision to rent your place out.

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