It is no secret that travelling through Europe is expensive but there are ways that you can cut down on costs. Try not to eat at restaurants that are near popular tourist sites. You can find better and cheaper food if you walk for a few blocks. There are also many discounts that you can take advantage of if you do a bit of research beforehand. Here is how to explore Europe’s capital cities if you are on a budget. 

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Exploring Europe’s Capital Cities on a Budget

1. Paris, France

eiffel tower night, paris arrondissements map, best places to visit in paris

Eiffel tower at night – mesmerizing!

You might think that getting the train from the airport to Paris is the cheapest option, but with prices around €10.30 for an adult and €7 for a child, if you are travelling as a family, it might work out the same price or cheaper to just organise a taxi from Charles de Gaulle Airport. Accommodation can be quite expensive but many offer an extensive spread for breakfast that is included in the cost of your room.

Get a Paris Pass to explore this beautiful city. It offers great you some really great discounts and features like skipping the lines at Louvre Museum, entrance to Palace Versailles, entrance to the Eiffel Tower and a boat cruise along the Seine. Take a trip to Pere Lachaise Cemetery and you can wander through the graveyard to see the graves of Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde for free.

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2. Budapest, Hungary

Szechenyi thermal bath, Budapest, Hungary

Szechenyi thermal bath

Budapest is a known as the City of Baths because of all of the public bathhouses that are built upon natural hot springs within the city.

Pick up a “Budapest Card” and you can visit St Lucas Medicinal Baths for free and get discounts on other bathhouses. The card will also give you free rides on buses, trams, and metro, access to 7 museums and discounts on restaurants, and other sites.

Stroll along the banks of the beautiful Danube River for free or rent a bicycle. Take a cooking class and you can learn how to make Hungarian food and eat everything that you make.

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3. Nicosia, Cyprus

Nicosia, cyprus

Nicosia is actually the cheapest place to visit in Cyprus because there are no beaches. In Old Town you will find plenty of self-catering accommodation to stay in so you can make the most of the local markets and prepare your own food.

Be sure to explore Ladra Street for museums, as well as plenty of great cafes and restaurants. Explore the sites of Cypress Museum, Byzantine Museum, Selimiye Mosque and the 16th century architecture of Buyukhan.

4. Amsterdam, Holland


Amsterdam is a stunning city and it is a great place to explore. The i amsterdam card will give you access to more than 30 museums including the Hermitage and the Van Gogh Museum. You can also get free public transport and a free canal ride. It also comes with discounts on food and drinks throughout the city. Stay in a hostel for cheaper accommodation and keep in mind that January is the cheapest time to visit and August is the most expensive.

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5. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Castle, Czech Republic

Prague Castle, Czech Republic

Prague is a stunning city that is a lot less expensive than many of Europe’s other capital cities. It is a great place to walk around and you can view many things for free. Head to Old Town and you can visit St. Wenceslas Square where you can watch the fascinating medieval Astronomical Clock. It does free shows every hour and a crowd shows up to watch it.

The entry to St. Vitus Cathedral is quite reasonable and you can also see the catacombs for no extra cost. Spend some time admiring the statues on St. Charles Bridge and you may even get to see a free concert.

Prague is known for its music and you can often find inexpensive tickets to concerts that are performed in elegant churches. The beer is cheaper than water so make sure you try some of their world renowned beer.

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  • I took the I amsterdam card too and found it helpful for saving on museums.

  • justynjen says:

    I spent an entire summer going around the capital cities of Europe and I wish I had known all these tips in advance. Great info, Prague is my favorite city in the world! And I love Amsterdam, I should have gotten the card there. I spent way too much money.

  • Lina says:

    Thanks for sharing this helpfull info. I’ve only been to Prauge befor so this comes in handy for the furture for me. I often find myself spending extra money on un valid traintickets or whatever because I’m not much of a planner =/

  • Sabrina Trevis says:

    Hey Isabel! love your blog and your insta! Definitely following! BTW, I reckon that to travel to Europe on a budget is a not so easy, especially if you go to super touristy cities like Paris. so thanks for the useful tips!

  • Liya says:

    I’ve never been to the Czech Republic but will definitely save your tips 🙂

  • My family and I once got on one of the red hop-on-and-off busses that are quite expensive – but because we got on when they changed the chauffeur – we rode for free 😉 ups..

  • Dagmara says:

    Budapest is such a beautiful city. It made a lasting impression on me. Thank you for sharing your tips.

  • Eve Kay says:

    All great and beautiful places! Compared to where we’re living at the moment though, everywhere in Europe is insanely cheap for us. So we always travel to Europe to take advantage of the cheaper cost of almost everything :p

  • Lyne says:

    Those are great tips ! It’s definitely the cheapest option to take the train from the aiport in Paris, but if you are going to Orly airport with friends an Uber is sometimes a little cheaper and faster 🙂

  • Europe is so great for budget travel, especially if you really make the effort to scrimp, there is still so mcuh to do and see! Great tips

  • I have visited all of these cities, except Nicosia and I completely agree with you. They are all worth visiting! When’s the best time of the year to explore Nicosia?

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