Top Korean Phrases For Your Next Visit To Korea

Korean culture, art and cuisine are main attractions for foreign visitors. I wish I’d mustered some Korean phrases on my first trip to Seoul, Busan and Jeju.

With these top Korean phrases that a traveller to Korea should know, your trip will surely go smoother!

Korean phrases you should know before travelling to South Korea

Travelling is one of the brightest experiences of our life. It is essential when it comes to changing your outlook for the better. Thus, the more countries you visit, the more foreign cultures you immerse into – the more developed your views will become.

The so-called Korean Wave – the grow of global popularity of South Korean culture – is a direct proof of increased recognition of the uniqueness and richness of Asian art and society. No wonder so many travellers are eager to come to the South Korea nowadays to see with their own eyes the richness of its culture and architecture.

My best friend, after attending BTS (popular South Korean boys band) concert, strongly decided to learn Korean language in order to pursue her dream of visiting South Korea.

It’s important to remember that Korean is an isolated language and doesn’t belong to any known language group.

Moreover, both North and South Korea has its own official writing system called hangul with specific hieroglyphs. That is why it’s always good to take Korean lessons if you can.

Nevertheless, to learn these top phrases that a traveller to Korea should know will be a great start of your journey.

Top Korean Phrases for Greeting and Pleasantries

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A good education is valued throughout the world. As in any oriental country, Korean people bow a lot, whether they greet or say goodbye, ask for a favour, thank for something or express their respect.

In Korean culture, politeness and age hierarchy play a huge role. It is also crucial to keep direct eye-to-eye contact, as it is another way to show your respect for the interlocutor.

Top Korean Phrases for Navigating and Asking for Directions

Haeundae Market| What to to Do, See and Eat in Busan
Haeundae Market, Busan, Korea

If that’s your first visit to Korea, you will probably need some guidance in finding where to stay, the whereabouts of its facilities and sights.

Even if your Korean language level is pretty high, it’s necessary to remember that most of the native speakers talk quite fast – you may miss or didn’t get any word pronounced!

Fortunately, the prevailing majority of Korean natives can speak English. But no worries, there are some helpful ‘navigating’ phrases a traveller to Korea should know.

Top Korean Phrases for Dining Out

Choryang Milmyeon, Busan, Korea| What to to Do, See and Eat in Busan

South Korea is a gastronomical paradise, which cuisine is mostly based on rice, vegetables, noodles and meats. There is an impressive number of soups and snacks, while soy sauce and sesame oil considered the main dressings.

Yet, Korean cuisine may appear to be too exotic for European and American consumers. Planning a trip to Korea, you need to be fully aware of your food preferences and allergens as well.

Next helpful Korean phrases will come in handy if you want to safely enjoy the variety of Korean dishes.

Top Korean Phrases for Shopping

Seomyeon|What to to Do, See and Eat in Busan Korea
Seomyeon, Busan, Korea

Korean fashion sets its own trends, now being recognized by every fashionmonger in the world. Korean fashion style is practical, comfy and vivid, with its clothes executed in bright and pleasant pale colors and with lovely prints.

These days, Korean style is in great demand, just like famous Korean cosmetics. The latter is widely known for their top-quality and effectiveness, not to mention their attractive appeal.

If you are determined to raid Korean stores and get yourself some high-end Asian products, these Korean phrases for shopping will be of immeasurable help to you.

South Korea is a whole different world due to its culture, fashion, and cuisine. With a little knowledge of its native language, your travelling experience in Korea will go a longer way!

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  1. I love Korean cuisine! I would love to visit Korea and Asia! Never thought of learning such a difficult language!

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