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Hi guys!

As part of the SEO Success Story series, I speak with students from the Skyrocket With SEO course to celebrate their blog traffic achievements.

These are some of the successful case studies of creators who’ve implemented SEO strategies and made them work!

I hope that this series will continue to inspire and motivate you, creators, to keep hustling and that SEO is achievable to everyone!

Today we’re speaking with Jorinde and Nadim from Mixing Cultures.


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What is your blog about?

Travel guides, itineraries, travel deals, tips and tricks. Besides that, we really would like to become an ambassador for Mauritius, Nadiim’s home country. And we hope to start with blogging tips soon as we noticed that more and more people come to us and ask for tips since we did some updates recently. 


When did you start your blog?

In August 2020 we went live. But with zero SEO knowledge. We started with SEO courses at the beginning of 2021 and updated all our blog posts in March/April 2021. Besides that, we also completely updated our website design.

I noticed that once you really get more into it, new ideas come up for improvement nearly every day. Also because we kept doing research and new courses.


What is the goal of your blog?

It is a place for my creativity, with hopes to inspire people to discover the world and at one point to monetize it. 


What did you use to struggle with on your blog?

Views and visitors. There were days with zero which is so unfortunate and sad, considering how much time and energy you put in creating the website and writing blog posts. 


What prompted you to decide to invest in a course?


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I wanted to share my work with the world. There is so much information out there and we need to find a way to rank above all those other travel blogs. I’ve been reading many articles, blog posts and Ebooks. However, one course that contains all seemed to be the best and most structured way to start applying step by step.


What results have you seen since working on the course?

As we only recently started updating all blog posts and the website with SEO, we do not have too many details yet. However, we had in February 62 visitors, March 49, April 44, May 121, June 189 and now at the end of July 325 visitors. We are sure that must come from SEO due to referrals coming from Google. 

Our referrals from google mostly were between 10-20 per month. In May this is now 46 via google, June 110 and July 170.

We truly feel that we are getting there step by step, and by writing more and more. As we have now only 22 blog posts.


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How has the Skyrocket With SEO course changed your blogging strategy?

I do more research before writing and also sometimes change the initial topic I had in mind if I find a better keyword.

Another fun thing is that by doing keyword research, I also got to do more research before writing and also sometimes change the initial topic I had in mind if I find a better keyword.

Another fun thing is that by doing keyword research I also got a lot of inspiration to write other blog posts with good keyword opportunities. So it also supports my creativity and content creation.

Besides that, we now understand how to write SEO proof and do more analyses with competitors. 



Biggest takeaway from taking the course? 


Keyword research and how you can see if you actually have a chance with that specific keyword. Online you can read a lot about where to put keywords etc. but from the course, I really learned how to see keyword opportunities.



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