Uluwatu, I conclude, is the ideal location for chilling in your resort or villa. There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts around the area that comes equipped with all the in-house amenities you need to spend a relaxing holiday.

We came to Uluwatu for 2 reasons – Single Fin and experiencing The Edge’s spa. Thrilled to be receiving our first spa of our Bali trip, our Balinese driver manoeuvred his way to the southernmost point of Bali. The Edge’s location is almost impossible to get to without a drive, but offers the serenity that honeymooners would love, being (almost) away from civilisation.

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The Edge


Set atop a 500 feet-high cliff at Uluwatu, The Edge, as the name suggests, is perched on the edge of Uluwatu. it is an intimate property with only a 4 (rather humungous) units available, with the 5-bedroom villa large enough to accommodate 14 people. Construction works are being held to expand the hotel by another 4 units.


Nothing prepared us for the view, a sight no one can ever resist peeling their eyes from. Together with the infinity pool, sun deck and bar, it presented a perfect setting.


Feeling enraptured by what we saw around us, we were greeted warmly with some juice, strawberry and a cold, wet towel to freshen up.

The Spa at The Edge

While the amenities are exclusive to The Edge’s guests, The Spa is open to public. Set alongside the pool and the bar, The Spa at The Edge goes by reservation only. During the time we went, the entire spa, which can accommodate up to 4, was reserved wholly for us.

the edge spa pamper-2

We were brought into a marbled bathroom, which doubles as a room for changing, showering and grooming. Bottles of toner, face cleanser and lotion were provided in the ample space. There were 2 sinks in the bathroom, which means no jostling for space! Towels, slippers and a robe were also provided for us to change into before our spa.


Decked in white, sky blue and grey tones, the room opened up to a full view of the ocean. We were assisted across the room to find our beds immersed in ankle-high water. It was an interesting concept, though I couldn’t figure out the purpose of it, unless perhaps to save on washing our feet? Wading through the cool water, we lay upon our beds alongside each other, lying face down and fitting our faces into the hole of the bed head.

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We were treated to a classic Balinese massage, a traditional massage technique that was supposed to work deep into the muscle tissues with strong and firm strokes. On the contrary, the masseuse’s soft pressure strokes on my body lulled me to sleep. Before we knew it, 1 hour had so indulgently passed.


the edge spa balinese massage relax-2

Post-treatment, we were assisted to the day bed that’s also immersed in water, and served a fruit salad and orange juice to complete our spa experience as we watch the sun go down.

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the edge spa bar

The Edge was one of the first glimpses of modern Bali, and we couldn’t be more excited for what the rest of Bali has in store for us. It has been years since my last visit to Bali (in 2012), and so much of the Western influence is evident now, with cafes and villas sprouting up everywhere. Might I say how affordable they are too? 😉

While there isn’t much to sightsee in Uluwatu, save for the Kecak Dance at sunset, Uluwatu Temple and various beaches along the coastal lines, I got my acai fix at Nalu Bowls and satisfied my cafe needs at Single Fin.

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Special thanks to KKday for making this spa possible! All opinions remain my own.

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