London Food & Market Hunts

Camden Town, London, UK

We did eat regular food along the way, among them food from Waffle Meister, Nando’s, Chipotle, Whole Foods, Cinnabon. However, as our sole purpose to London wasn’t exactly for food, we only went to these 2 more prominent ones, Duck & Waffle & Caravan (Cafe) King’s Cross. We also went to Borough Market, Camden Town, and tasted the cosmopolitan […]

Amsterdam Food Hunts

Amsterdam Food Hunts must eat

Heading to Amsterdam? Read my earlier post on An Overview of Amsterdam for Every First Timer to get you started. This post shares a list of food that I painstakingly researched about before heading to Amsterdam, and which I highly recommend! They are definitely food we were not going to leave Amsterdam without trying. Most of them are traditional […]