How To Export Your Google Map Itinerary To Your Phone & Use It Offline!

Ever wondered how to download Google Maps offline for Android and Apple phone users?

Following on from my previous post, I shared with you how to create your own map itinerary on Google maps and the many features that the customised map has.

This post will detail how you can export this map on your PHONE and use it OFFLINE when you are in the foreign city and on the go, which makes navigating so much easier! You no longer have to carry a map on one hand and a phone on another when you need to get from point to point.

Now you can use your own customised pinned maps offline on your phone, without needing to download any beforehand or repin it again!

How to export your pinned map to your PHONE to use OFFLINE:

  1. In your own map, click the 3 dots beside your map title > select ‘Export to KML’ > check the box ‘Export to .KML file instead of .KMZ’.

How To Export Your Google Map Itinerary To Your Phone & Use It Offline!

How To Export Your Google Map Itinerary To Your Phone & Use It Offline!

2. Make this file accessible through your phone, either by Dropbox, email or any file sharing app you use.

  1. On your phone, download this app called ‘’ > search for the city your map is based in > download the city.

  2. Open the .KML map from your phone with the app and there it is! All your previously pinned landmarks are on this app! 0 effort needed to repin the landmarks again.

What I love about is, the landmarks in the app are very precise, very comprehensive, very accurate, and it allows you to plot your route from point A to point B. The best thing is, you can do everything offline!

So much so that we relied on this app ENTIRELY during our New Zealand road trip around the South! We lived without Wifi and drove without any GPS system. All we used was this app’s navigation tool (it also comes with voice navigation instructions). I cannot emphasise just how much of a genius the people behind the app are.

Note: To be able to plot your route and detect your location, switch on your phone’s GPS and make sure your phone is not on flight mode. I was really excited to share this with you when I found out about this trip planning hack!

Planning trip itineraries is made SO MUCH EASIER because I no longer have to repetitively search for every attraction and bookmark them on Google Maps PLUS my phone app, which can be a really tedious process.

Alternatively, you can always contact me if you need trip planning services, because I truly enjoy this whole process of getting to understand a city better while planning for a trip there. This translates to more informative posts about particular cities which I can share with you. Now you know why Bel Around The World is my heart and soul? 😉


P.S. Have you checked out my latest video on our NZ road trip in May 2016? 😉

Drop your comments below if you need further assistance on creating your own map! 🙂


Do you use this feature on Google Maps? How did you find it? 

If this post is useful to you, share it! 🙂

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16 Replies to “How To Export Your Google Map Itinerary To Your Phone & Use It Offline!”

  1. I so agree with you! We’ve been using MapsMe since we moved to Europe, and with the exception of a few quirks, it’s an amazing app. I can’t believe it’s free and how frequently the developers roll out updates with improvements. Great write up!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I’m super impressed at how accurate their maps are. Even in non-English speaking countries! Never looked back since. 😉

  2. this is amazing! just downloaded it!!

  3. Thanks for this! I have always had problems abroad with opening the app, keeping it open, and then *sometimes* it cooperates offline and sometimes it does not!

  4. This is SO helpful! Thank you for sharing a tutuorial! Now I don’t have to waste data when travelling!

  5. I didn’t even know this was a possiblitiy. I rely so much on my google maps when traveling and costs me some good data when I am abroad.
    Great post

  6. This sounds like a great app! I really should use it.

  7. Thanks so much! I have never heard of MapsMe. Going to give it a try.

  8. I needed this! I do a lot of traveling and on-foot exploring and knowing this will be invaluable.

  9. This is really handy to have!

  10. I just learned how to do this last year and can’t believe how I hadn’t used this sooner for all of my travels! It’s SO helpful! Especially when traveling in a dead cell zone 😉 Thanks for the tips!

  11. This will so come in handy! I’m about to plan a road trip with my mom soon 😀

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