7 Best Countries to Visit in Europe for Exchange Students on a Budget

New York City

The most rewarding aspect of studying abroad is experiencing the culture and vibrant lifestyle of new places. This is perhaps the main reason why exchange students flock to Europe. With cheap student rail passes and budget airlines, students are enabled to work and play without break the bank. Avoid peak tourist season, stay in hostels, […]

New Zealand on a Budget – How I Spent $2600 in 3 Weeks!

lake pearson, new zealand

“Is New Zealand expensive to visit?” “How much does a trip to New Zealand cost?” “How expensive is New Zealand, really?” New Zealand is high on everyone’s bucket list, yet the New Zealand vacation costs put many off. I visited New Zealand’s North and South island in May 2016 as part of our graduation road trip, […]

10 Best Countries to Visit for People On A Budget


It’s the holiday season. If you’re looking for great places to travel without creating a huge dent in your wallet, take it from the seasoned travellers. There are fantastic countries you can go for a lot less money than you might assume. So choose wisely and get more for your money by opting for locations […]

Hostel Review: Bunc Hostel (Discount Code Included!)

bunc hostel singapore

Bunc Hostel was conceived over a casual conversation between the founders. Noticing that there was a gap between quality hostels in Singapore and a price gap between hostels and hotels ($40-$80 range), the founders at Bunc Hostel sought to combine comfort, design and social spaces into one affordable hostel. Bunc Hostel is now managed by The Uncharted Co. which also owns the […]

Travel Smart with Expedia discount code, cashback and more at ShopBack

shopback | Bel Around The World

Hi friends! I just returned from my “graduation trip” in May 2016 to Philippines, New Zealand and Melbourne with my university soulmates. I say “graduation” because I technically have one more semester to go, so I’m actually celebrating my graduation in advance with my friends. 😛 It has been a hell of a wonderful adventure, […]