5 Perfect Travel Locations in Europe For The Young Solo Traveller

ship's creek, new zealand

You have a wanderlust heart and restless feet. After hours of perusing Pinterest and Instagram, you feel inspired to jet to a new country. We can’t deny that travelling rewards you exciting experiences and makes you feel liberated and renewed. As a girl with a crazy heart for travel, I am always looking for new places […]

How To Make Friends As An Introvert (Like Me)

roys peak, new zealand

These past couple of weeks, I’ve met people from all walks of life. Despite being a self-confessed introvert, I must say that meeting these like-minded people energized and uplifts me. I sure learned a great deal about them. I’ve learned more about how startups work, met entrepreneurs, interacted with creatives (illustrators, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, […]

New Zealand South Island Attractions You Must See On Your Road Trip

Hiking Hooker Valley, Mount Cook, New Zealand

Kia Ora! Together with 3 other comrades, we took on New Zealand’s South island on a campervan. If you’re new to the word campervan, a campervan is a self-contained vehicle where you drive, cook, eat, sleep, and sometimes poop (if you really must) in the vehicle. Self-contained vehicles are allowed to park in campsites with […]