Thinking I wanted a quick break from the bustling, busy, overcrowded city of Auckland without having to drive too far out of the city (ugh, hate the Auckland motorway), Devonport could not be a better choice.

Just 15 minutes from Auckland Central, Devonport is one of the city’s oldest and most historical suburbs. Today, it draws in crowds of people, charmed by the village’s picturesque seaside shops, cafes, restaurants and beaches, making it a popular place to relax and de-stress after being cooped up in Auckland city for too long.

If you’re planning to go to Devonport Village or would like to find out more about what you can do and see in Devonport, read on! 🙂

Getting to Devonport, New Zealand

devonport auckland city new zealand

View of the whole of Auckland from Devonport

By ferry

The best way to get to Devonport would be to take a ferry by Fullers Ferry from Downtown Auckland.

A two-way ferry ride costs NZD12.50 for adults and NZD7.50 for children. You have the option to pay with your Auckland AT Hop card, Auckland’s public transport card, which gives you some discount from the regular price.

The ferry departure is pretty regular, running every 30 minutes, so you can just decide to take a spontaneous trip and hop on the next ferry whenever. It takes about 15 minutes to reach Devonport from Auckland. Details about the exact ferry timings and other information can be found on their website.

Address: 99 Quay St, Auckland, 1010

By car

From Auckland, you can make your way to Devonport through the highway instead of taking the ferry.

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Getting Around Devonport, New Zealand

cute shop devonport auckland new zealand

Public buses

There are public buses running here, so bring along your AT Hop Card to ride them. Otherwise, you can purchase the Devonport Explorer Tour bus that departs directly from the Devonport ferry terminal shortly after you arrive.


You can rent a car here in Devonport, but really, if you’re here only to explore Devonport’s main streets, going by foot is more than sufficient.


If you have your own bike, you can bring it on the ferry across to Devonport at no extra charge. It’s a pretty convenient way to get around Devonport then!


And if you don’t have any personal modes of transport like me, stroll away and take your time to explore the island by foot. Most of the attractions in town are close to one another. Except if you’re going in summer, remember the sun screen!

Where to Stay in Devonport, New Zealand

Affordable Accommodation

Devonport’s really charming, and though it is connected to Auckland, many people would be drawn to spend a night or two here. It definitely saves you that few minutes of travelling, and you’d definitely get away from the hustle and bustle of Auckland.

If you’d want to save cash, here are some good options in Devonport Village:

  1. Unique Homestay @ Devonport, from NZD 102
  2. Art BnB Devonport, from NZD 90

Mid-range Accommodation

If you don’t mind splurging a little more cash for a more comfortable stay, preferably close to the Devonport centre, you’re in luck! You can now bring over your friends, your partner or your family and enjoy the lovely Devonport.

There aren’t many accommodations here but have a look at these nice options for you:

  1. The Esplanade Hotel, from NZD 164
  2. Peace and Plenty Inn, from NZD 212
  3. Duck Inn Auckland, from NZD 176

What to See and Do in Devonport, New Zealand

1. Hike up Mount Wellington

viewpoint devonport auckland new zealand

You can’t miss this. After an approximate 15 – 20 minutes of walking to the summit, I was treated to a stunning 360° views of Auckland and the surrounding islands like Rangitoto Island. It can get pretty breezy at the top, so wear an extra layer especially if the sun’s hidden behind clouds.

rangitoto girl devonport auckland new zealand

Rangitoto Island in the backdrop

Apart from being a viewpoint, did you know that Mount Wellington is actually also a volcano?

2. Dine in

shop street devonport auckland new zealand

There are plenty of good food and cafes around here, though slightly pricier, making it a fantastic activity for you to spend your entire day chilling at. Typical cafes, pubs, gelato shops are common sights along the main street.

There’s even a cinema here!

3. Chill by the beach

One of the nicer beaches here is Cheltenham beach, 1.6km away from the Ferry Terminal. It is a popular beach that many locals here like to head to, especially during summer season!

I took a stroll along the beach and dipped my feet in an attempt to cool down in the summer heat. It’s totally a beautiful place to go to if you love the beach. Don’t worry about getting dirty – there are shower facilities available around the beach.

4. Visit The Devonport Craft Market on Sundays

bar devonport auckland new zealand

Local barber

Every 2nd Sunday of the month, The Devonport Craft Market is open and there’s over 55 stalls selling handmade and vintage products. Since I went there on a weekday, I didn’t get to catch it, but if you do have a chance to come here on a Sunday, you can get lots of great souvenirs and products at really low prices.

Address: The Devonport Community House, 32 Clarence St, Devonport
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 14:00

5. Grab some frozen goodness

Especially in the summer, grab a gelato! I had to cool myself down after the hike up Mount Wellington, so when I went back down, I went straight to the gelato shop for a waffle cone. Each scoop costs NZD4.

6. Treat yourself to chocolates too

Devonport Chocolates is a boutique chocolate maker and retailer. Homemade chocolates are always worth a try. (The other one I tasted was Makana, and omg, it’s heavenly.) If you’re lucky, you can watch as they make chocolate from behind the glass windows.

7. Splash some cash at the many cute shops

shop devonport auckland new zealand

From souvenirs to cute local knick knacks, there are many little shops here that sell handicraft, local items and souvenirs, where you can easily take a piece of Devonport home with you.

There’s even a supermarket, New World, just around the corner if you would like to stay the night in Devonport and require any groceries.

8. Go on a photo-taking adventure

street bicycle devonport auckland new zealand

There are so many places you can take great photos at, right from the wharf all the way into the town so you should bring along your camera and spare batteries for sure.

9. Sign up for a guided tour

sea viewpoint devonport auckland new zealand

If you’re feeling lost or not sure what to see and do all by yourself, fret not. You can choose to sign up for the Devonport Explorer Tour. For NZD40.50 per adult, you got pretty much everything covered for 2 hours, including your return ferry tickets.

With this tour, you’ll get to visit two volcanic cones with Maori pa sites and learn about the interesting networks of forts and tunnels while getting the best panoramic views of Auckland region and beyond.

What to Eat in Devonport, New Zealand

Food! We can’t run away from it, can we? After a long day of walking, I love it when I stop by a cute, hipster cafe to grab a cup of mochacino or even have a nice lunch at one of the fine restaurants here.

Carram Deli & Cafe

I stopped here for a quick drink after lunch but I realised many people love the Malaysian dishes here such as the Roti Canai and Curry. It’s also an awesome breakfast place, as advertised by the cafe, and I’m not going to deny that 😉

Address: 16 Victoria Rd, Devonport, Auckland 0624, New Zealand


This is your go-to place for a quick cup of coffee or if you’ve got the time, a yummy plate of ice cream dessert. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon break in Devonport!

Address: 46 Victoria Rd, Devonport, Auckland 0624, New Zealand


The meals here are pretty awesome! If you don’t mind the crowded lunch hours, then you should stick around to have a good, filling lunch at affordable prices.

Address: 49 Victoria Rd, Devonport, 0624, New Zealand

Hemingway’s Devonport

A great restaurant hidden along Rattray Street offering great ambience and food – what else could you possibly ask for! The only downside was how hard it was to find the restaurant, but once you’ve found it, you’ll love it!

Address: 2A Rattray St, Devonport, North Shore 0624, New Zealand

sea viewpoint devonport auckland new zealand

I spent a real casual, sunny day (though it must have been 22°C or so) in mid-December at Devonport eating my sandwich by the wharf, wandering in and out of the shops, taking in the views of Mount Wellington and the rest of the evening sipping on a smoothie (too darn sunny) before making my way back to Auckland city.

It’s an easy destination to get to for a summer weekend break with friends and family!

Recommended duration: 0.5-1 day

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