For the longest time ever since this building dominated City Hall, it has always eluded me.

If you’re always around City Hall MRT (I am, because my university is just around the corner!), you probably would have noticed this grandiose, awkwardly-shaped building amidst other skyscrapers that is known as South Beach.

My birthday present came early this year, when the opportunity to spend a staycation here was presented!

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About JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

JW Marriott South Beach building

A young blood in Singapore, JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach has been operating since 2016. Already, they’ve established a solid presence in the city.

Interestingly, the area it is occupying now was formerly a military camp in the city, which explains the inspiration behind its rustic, white buildings on the fringe of its property, which has been revamped and refurbished while still retaining its heritage.

These days, JW Marriott is known as a first-class hotel with detached facilities, such as F&B establishments, office spaces, serviced residences and a ballroom, inter alia.

The interior design has been thoroughly and carefully created by renowned French designer Philippe Starck. As such, the hotel embodies a lot of silver and metallic concepts, from the furniture to the artwork.

JW Marriott South Beach sunset roof

You’ll quickly notice that JW Marriott’s building designs are uniquely wave-like, which is supposed to help cool temperatures within the building by 1 to 2 degrees through directing wind flow into the interior.

They also put in great effort to go eco-friendly via several initiatives: installation of solar panels on the rooftops to power the evening lights, and having structures that are designed to collect rainwater into a reservoir for reuse in their ponds and watering plants.

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Checking in to JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

JW Marriott South Beach reception night


It’s hard to miss the unique artwork in the form of paintings, light structures and unique furniture when you enter the hotel. Upon stepping in, you’ll notice that there are lots of fascinating displays throughout the hotel, adding to the classy ambience.

For one, the 7-metre tall digital display done by a popular South Korean artist that greets you as you enter the lobby is sure to catch your eye.

JW Marriott South Beach reception night

Main lobby

We arrived at the hotel at 1pm, where we were given a comprehensive tour of the hotel. Our anticipation was met with disappointment when our check in had to be delayed. Further, our bags were nowhere to be found too.

After a wait of almost 3 hours, we were finally reunited with our belongings, but not after numerous trips to the reception and calls to them.

As part of making up the lost time, they offered an extension of our check out time until 6pm instead of the original 12pm. It was a pity we couldn’t utilize the extended time though, as we already had other plans the following day.

JW Marriott South Beach room service

Room service!

Nevertheless, it was a joyous surprise to open our door to a bottle of red wine, fruits and pastries, courtesy of JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach!

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JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach’s Room

Even while taking the elevator to get the hotel room, art is omnipresent.

The interior of the lift is wrapped in wallpapers with feint images of marine creatures. The lifts are also lit up in different shades of neon lights that change every few seconds, each light accentuating a different set of marine creatures on the wallpapers. Being in the lift was as though I was right in an aquarium!

The room types available at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach are:

  1. Club Deluxe
  2. Club Premier
  3. Deluxe
  4. Deluxe Suite
  5. Premier
  6. Premier Suite

Prices range from USD311 to USD767 per night.

Check prices on HotelsCombined, Agoda and

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We checked into our King Premier room on the 17th floor and absolutely loved the massive room space! On top of that, the large windows offered an unobstructed view of Marina Bay Sands and the surrounding CBD buildings.

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On the adjacent window, I wasn’t so comfortable that it overlooked the neighbouring room completely. Not exactly the kind of privacy I was looking for.

JW Marriott does take modern technology to another level – their fancy wall controls control almost the entire room, from the curtains and the blinds to the brightness of the lights in the bedroom and bathroom.

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The bathroom! The bathroom is another facility that thoroughly impressed me. There was ample space to fit a shower cubicle, a W/C, as well as a bathtub next to the sink.

JW Marriott South Beach toilet

The toilet bowl was fitted with one of the most latest technology – an automatic bidet and dryer controlled by a remote. The lid even opens on its own when it detects movement! If you’ve been to Japan, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

There are also the little details that make the room ever so snug and modern – the personalised greeting on your cordless phone, the bathroom slippers that indicate their genders, the TV screen that can be swivelled 180 degrees (so you can watch TV from anywhere in the room), the long couch and the cute mini weighing scale!

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JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach’s Amenities

Swimming Pool @ EBB6

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It seems like every hotel has caught on the idea of infinity pools, and JW Marriott has 2 of those! The first one is located on the 6th floor and it’s got the perfect amount of sunshine if you like being outdoors for sun-tanning. It overlooks Suntec City Mall and the surrounding City Hall area.

There is also ample space for chilling by the pool all around the level, whether you like it sheltered or not, making it a perfect venue for a barbeque or poolside dining.

Swimming Pool @ FLOW18

JW Marriott South Beach cityline

Admiring the cityscape

The other infinity pool on the 18th floor is sheltered. While it is dimmer and the water colder, the 180-degree view of the CBD and Esplanade is astounding, making it a picturesque spot!


JW Marriott South Beach seat open share

Apart from swimming, you can find other recreational activities to do on this level too. There’s an expansive open-spaced area where you can sit on rocking chairs or sofas, enjoying the breeze.

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Foosball table, pool table and table tennis table are around for guests to while their time away. Just approach any of the staff if you wish to play.


Also on the 18th floor, the first thing that will catch your eye when you enter the gym is this massive TV screen flushed in the indoor gym’s wall. On the screen is an exercise video on loop for some workout inspiration.

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The gym is fully equipped with multiple assisted weight machines targeting different muscle groups, on top of a row of treadmills. There’s even a free weights section with a bench. I was caught by surprise at the SMITH machine! Not many hotel gyms have that.

Also, you can try kickboxing here. There’s a kickboxing dummy and gloves here, so strap on and give it a punch!

I was impressed to learn that a certified personal trainer is present on some mornings to assist with guests who are working out.

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JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach’s Services


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Located in an extension of level 2 of South Beach Tower, its design take inspiration from waves.

There are express treatments available, targeted to the CBD crowd. this treatment addresses your 5 senses (apart of taste buds, of course) on a custom-made massage chair. The chair is heated to for destressing, with aromatherapy scents to further relax you.
The toilets are equipped with jacuzzi, hot sauna and showers.

Finally, there is a relaxation lounge with zero gravity chairs – chairs that recline backwards. It is recommended that guests sit for 15 to 20 minutes after their spa session to fully feel the effects.


Formerly a drill hall for a military camp, this standalone ballroom is one of the few standalone ballrooms in Singapore. It is regularly booked by private individuals and companies for holding private events.

In fact, there was a wedding that happened on the day that we checked in.

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Dining at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

Buffet Breakfast at the Executive Lounge

This all-day dining Executive Lounge for executive guests is available and located on the 2nd floor.

The Executive Lounge is open from 6 am to 12 midnight. It serves breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktail.

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The design of the lounge is pretty funky – it is adorned with a mixture of large wooden tables and metallic silver furniture, configured in such a way that it promotes interaction yet allows for private seating as well.

Meetings can be held inside the open-spaced transparent yellow/ pink partitions. I didn’t fancy the metallic chairs too much – the air con makes it almost too cold to sit comfortably!

I love being greeted by the friendly staff as we entered the Lounge each time.

That said, it was surprisingly crowded for breakfast when I came down at 9am, even though it was supposed to be reserved for executive guests only! I wouldn’t dare imagine how much more crowded it might get at Beach Road Kitchen, where the rest of the guests have their buffet breakfast at.

Most of the tables were full and taken, and those that were empty had not been cleared and cleaned in time.

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There was not a big selection for breakfast – food choices were limited to the usual pastries (croissants, breads and spreads), Asian cuisines (noodle soup and fried rice) Western cuisines (hash browns, bacon and meats).

The queue at the egg station warranted a 15-minute wait for our freshly cooked omelettes.

Drinks offered, apart from the usual coffee and tea, also included wine. There are also take away cups by the coffee machines for you to have coffee on-the-go.

Buffet Dinner at Beach Road Kitchen

beach road kitchen oyster

There is a large range of selection at Beach Road Kitchen. To start with (and the thing that gets me most excited about), they have a fresh seafood section. That means unlimited supply of oysters!

Then there is the sashimi section, which offers at least 5 different types of sashimi. Boy, I had them all!

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They have a wood fire oven for making pizzas, a noodle bar, gigantic salt baked fish (was it tilapia?), another massive roast beef and rack of lamb, an array of cheeses and salami, and not to mention every dessert you can possibly think of (maybe except a fondue?).

Meat and seafood lovers are bound to enjoy this smorgasbord of selection!

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JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach’s Location

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It is connected directly to Esplanade MRT Exit F from the basement, and there are plenty of activities to do within walking distance. Chijmes is perfect to hold a romantic evening dinner, while Raffles Hotel boasts of old, colonial architecture that is a favourite for photographers. Raffles City Shopping Mall is your nearest mall to get your quick needs, affordable bites or groceries.

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JW Marriott South Beach seat open share

With an abundance of rest areas on the public floors on Levels 6 and 18 and the cool wind funnelling through, it is hard to stay indoors when you can breathe in the natural air from up above.

On first visit, JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach’s massive, complicated structure may seem to make you lose your bearings, but I sure take pleasure in trying to discover new hideouts within this property!

JW Marriott South Beach sunset roof

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach
30 Beach Road, Access via Nicoll Highway Singapore 189763
+65 68181888

Special thanks to JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach for making this stay possible! All opinions remain my own.

Prices start from USD311 on HotelsCombined, Agoda and

7 – 8 October 2017

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