The red building standing amidst the skyscrapers of Tanjong Pagar is not one to be missed. Not only does the red aluminium mesh stand out from the rest, so do the creepers hanging downwards from the roof. Since I’d started working in the vicinity early last year, I’d always been curious what goes on in this unique building.

Oasia Hotel Downtown, opened in April 2016, is strategically located in a central location in Singapore, at Tanjong Pagar. You can’t miss the hotel at all – its outstanding red facade, covered in contrasting green vines, catches the eyes of many, even from afar.

oasia hotel downtown red-mesh-facade-tanjong-pagar

The distinct architecture of the massive vertical garden is worth special mention. Did you know, the 21 different species of creepers encasing the red façade is more than just planted for aesthetic purpose? Not only does create a vibrant mosaic of colour and life, It functions also to cool down the building.

With 314 rooms in Oasia Hotel Downtown, there are 3 different lifts with access to different areas in this property – the club rooms, non-club rooms and Soho offices. Of the 314 rooms, 88 are club rooms, spanning across levels 22 to 25, with a dedicated Club Lounge for Club Guests on level 21.

Checking in to Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore

oasia hotel downtown entrance

Entrance to Oasia Hotel Downtown

Stepping into the first level of Oasia Hotel Downtown, I was first confused as I was met with a guard at the counter instead of a receptionist. I later learned that club guests check in at the 21st floor. Upon arriving at level 21, I was greeted first with coconut water.

The sight of the Club Lounge left me entranced. Not only was the furniture awash in a gentle sea blue colour, the assorted contemporary furnishings make the clubhouse very tranquil and inviting. Designed by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, the furniture and wood infused in the interior design is one of fun and multifaceted. It didn’t help that soft, melodious orchestra music is playing in background, making the surrounding all the more homely.

The next thing you’d notice is how open and airy the location is. Hardly have I encountered hotel spaces that are open air, yet Oasia Hotel Downtown does it with such flair. I later learned that as part of their health and wellness concept, these 30 metre-high ceilings are designed in a way to funnel wind in, making the open air reception not in the least bit stuffy or humid.

The open spaces, greenery and earthy tones reflect their three wellness pillars – Refresh, Recharge and Refuel – very well.

Check in is from 2pm and check out is by 12pm.

Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore’s Room

Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore has room categories spanning 4 types:

  1. Superior Room
  2. Deluxe Room
  3. Club Room
  4. Club Suite

Prices start from SGD240 to SGD600.

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So it turns out, Club room guests have their own private lifts that are only accessible from level 21. I felt the true entitlement there.

The first distinction in hotel room design that I noticed was how the copper doors were flushed with the copper walls of the room.

oasia hotel downtown copper-door-club-room

Entrance to the room

Tapping into the my room on the 23rd floor, I first caught sight of the floor-to-ceiling mirror glass doors that separates the bathroom from the bedroom. The bathroom, with the shower and the bathtub, were enclosed in dark and orange tones.

What impressed me most were how the bathroom has its very own speakers that are connected to the Smart TV in the room! Volumes are adjustable from where you sit on the toilet bowl. I could enjoy music from the bathroom, whether I’m in a (handheld and rain) shower or soaking in a bathtub, with the surround sound.

Oasia Hotel Downtown just defined quality experience on a whole new level, starting from the bathroom!

The bed is encased in patterned wood and warm lighting, showcasing the hotel’s organic, homely theme. The room has most of the necessary things you’ll need in a hotel room and more – a Smart TV where guests can stream their own content, a Handy smartphone, TWG tea sachets and a Nespresso machine.

oasia hotel downtown twg-tea-nespresso-machine

A little detail that I liked was how the light switches indicate which light it controlled, so you don’t have to fiddle around every button to switch off the right lights.

oasia hotel downtown view-from-club-room

View of Tanjong Pagar from the Club Room

The high floor gave me a panoramic view of Tanjong Pagar; Chinatown and all the little shophouses on Amoy Street were easily spotted.

oasia hotel downtown health-wellness-drinks

As part of enhancing the wellness and quality experience, Oasia Hotel Downtown also adopts a different approach when pampering guests – offering two bottles of natural coconut water in the refrigerator, and lemongrass spray scent for the pillows. Spray scents on pillows? Now that’s a first!

You bet I had a very sound sleep that night.

Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore’s Amenities

Club Lounge

Speaking of Club guest entitlements, Oasia Hotel Downtown takes immense effort to differentiate Club guests from regular room guests.

For starters, there is a dedicated level for all Club room guests, with a grand infinity pool that occupies the middle of the club lounge. If you swim to the edge of the infinity pool close to 7pm, you’ll be treated to an unparalleled view of the sunset. The only downside is that the view is partially blocked by the nearby building. That being said, with views that extend to Marina Bay and Keppel Bay, I couldn’t help but take a few more moments to appreciate the sight before me.

oasia hotel downtown club-lounge-infinity-pool-view

The other dry option is to lie down on the poolside chairs that overlook the skies, enjoying the sun, breeze and views of the pool and the Club area.

I personally loved crawling into their cabanas to do some work while enjoying the view of the pool and taking in the light breeze. The best part of it all – you can request for drinks and the staff will deliver them to you wherever you’re seated. Talk about being pampered!

Other benefits include complimentary breakfast at Club Lounge from 7am to 10am, complimentary evening cocktails and canapés from 6pm to 8pm, and all-day non-alcoholic refreshments, barista-prepared coffee and light snacks.


Non-club room guests have access to the main pool area on the rooftop at level 27. There is not one, but two pools on this level, each on one end of the rooftop. They are pools which goes as deep as 1.2m. Contrary to most rooftop pools, the pools on Oasia Hotel Downtown’s rooftop doesn’t have a view. Having been to both pools, my preference lies with the club pool, which is comparatively larger and has panoramic views.


Oasia Hotel Downtown’s gym resides on the 12th floor, where the general check in counter is. While limited in space and equipment, it is open 24 hours and you can still get a good full-body workout using the treadmills, free weights and multi-purpose gym machine.

oasia hotel downtown singapore green-lawn-open-space-yoga

Also, on the 12th floor, you can come by to relax in one of the pavilions overlooking a big, green patch of synthetic grass. It is a great place to just relax at, and you could even sit on the grass and watch the skies drift pass.

Other amenities include meeting rooms (also known as retreat rooms) and the Skyline Pavilion. The Skyline Pavilion is adorned with hanging spotlights. The pavilion is akin to an extension of a living room, making it ideal for business travellers to work from here, or sit and mingle over evening cocktails and drinks.

Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore’s Services

oasia hotel downtown singapore green-lawn-open-space-yoga

As part of their focus on health and wellness, yoga sessions are conducted complimentary for hotel guests every Sunday morning at 8.30am on level 12’s open lawn.

Despite being a yogi enthusiast, I had to muster so much willpower to get out of the soft, fluffy bed on Sunday morning to attend the yoga class. As I arrived on the green lawn on Level 12, the class had already begun. Mats and towels are provided, so all you really have to do is turn up. Yoga classes at Oasia Hotel Downtown are conducted by Denise Keller, and we all went through a beginner yoga class.

The pace was slow, and with the morning sun streaming in, it felt as if we were working out in the outdoors, even though we were right in the heart of the hotel. There is no better way to start the day than to gaze up to the clouds while doing a warrior pose to stretch and awaken the stiff morning muscles.

Denise was also being ultra kind when she gave me advice on a pose I’ve been stuck doing of late – forearm stands! It was with her guidance that I managed to break a personal record – to stay inverted unassisted, even if it lasted no more than 3 seconds!

Video of on-the-ground action here. 🙂

Dining at Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore

I cannot get enough of the Club Lounge on the 21st floor. It’s evident I spent most of my time here!

The lounge provides healthy refreshments such as cucumber-infused water, a wide selection of nuts, pastries (from The Marmalade Pantry) and hot beverages. The coffee beans here are from Oriole, and all the staff here are barista-trained, so you can request for a cup of coffee any time of the day, and you won’t be disappointed. Breakfast is also served here.

oasia hotel downtown club-lounge-refreshment

Oasia Hotel Downtown Club Lounge

The pastel pink chairs, daisies on the table and an unblocked view made me feel so at ease that it brought about this pensive post about my advice for 20-year-olds based on my life experience, the kind of reflective post you hardly see on Bel Around The World.

In time to come, there will be an Italian restaurant opening at Oasia Hotel Downtown’s rooftop. For now, The Marmalade Pantry on the ground floor serves most of your brunch (or dinner) needs.

oasia hotel downtown the-marmalade-pantry

The Marmalade Pantry

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The details are what impressed me and enhanced my overall experience. Throughout my journey discovering Oasia Hotel Downtown, the little touches here and there never fail to value-add my experience, such as providing 3 key cards instead of the usual 2, or having light switches that are named. Even the way the bedside lamps are designed amazes me.

The personalized touch, like how the staff would address me when I came for breakfast, also added to my wonderful experience here.

Given that its brand ethos is so well integrated in every aspect of the hotel feature, I was slightly disappointed that this designer business hotel lacks a steam room, a sauna or even a spa service.

For someone who embraces nature more than city, staying at Oasia Hotel Downtown, with its earthy, organic elements and unique architecture surrounding the building, truly made me feel like I was cocooned within nature.

Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore
100 Peck Seah Street, Singapore 079333 
[email protected]

Special thanks to Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore for making this stay possible! All opinions remain my own.

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