Trying to find a place where you want to spend your vacation? Well, here we have given you 11 reasons why you should visit Phuket and what to see when in Phuket so you can fully enjoy all that Phuket can offer!

Why Phuket is a must on your visit to Thailand

1. Patong Beach

This is a beautiful beach that is lined with shops and bars that do come alive when the night comes. Here you can buy Prada handbags, brand name clothing, and Havaianas among other trinkets like Hello Kitty things and all the things you need for a beach.

2. The Islands

phi phi island phuket

From Rach Islands to Phi Phi islands to Coral island there are literally hundreds of islands you can explore around Phuket. Here you can go on a tour for small cash and go on a boat trip. On the Phi Phi island, you can see where “The Beach” movie from Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed.

If you are more of a beach person, then you can visit Coral Island where you can lie down and relax on the beautiful sandy beaches that are just 15 minutes away from Phuket.

The Racha Island is located only 10 miles south of Phuket where you can go on some snorkelling or diving trips.

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3. Delicious Food

thai food phuket

Here it will be hard for you to stay away from the street food because this place offers some great traditional Pad Thai and fresh seafood for less than 50 baht/ USD 1.50.

If you have some more money to spend, then you should go to the hotel restaurants Movenpick on Karon Beach, Duangjitt Resort, and Spa at Patong Beach.

4. Permanent Sunshine

This is an island of vibrancy. The sun seems more yellow than it is normally, the beaches are beautifully white and the sea azure is blue. The weather is amazing for the whole year, and even a rainstorm is over within minutes.

James Bond Island & Phang Nga Bay are some of the most popular island stops in Phuket.

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5. To see Promthep Cape


Promthep Cape phuket thailand

There are rumours that this may be the most beautiful place in the world where you can witness a sunset. If you get there at the right time, you will definitely be fighting the crowd, but still, it will be worth it. The views are indescribably beautiful.

While you are here, don’t forget to go and visit the lighthouse museum which holds some interesting maritime artefacts that are of great historical value. Also, spot the interesting elephant shrine while on the way in.

In the car park, you can find some local gift shops and handicraft stalls.

6. Big Buddha, and other temples

big buddha phuket thailand

You can spot the Big Buddha from any place on the south of Phuket Island. It is a statue that is 45 meters high and it is located on the Nakkerd Hills from where it looks down over Rawai, Chalong, and Kata.

Here, you can sign a tile that will be placed into the statue, or you can buy some traditional Thai bell and sign those too. While walking around the Buddha, you will hear the bell tinkling from the bells that are hung on the trees. These bells are used as a sign of hope throughout Phuket.

While being there, you should visit the Wat Chalong Temple, and visit some of the other 28 other colourful Buddhist temples.

7. Watch the Simon Cabaret

This is a transvestite show and it is an institution in Phuket. The trannies are amazing, and it is a little hard to imagine that they aren’t born women until you hear them talk.

8. See Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit fantasea phuket thailand

Just along the FantaSea show that is legendary, you must see the Siam Niramit production if you are visiting Phuket.

You will need a few hours so you can fully experience everything this site can offer, and not just the show in the evening.

This includes seeing the life-sized museum of traditional Thai houses through different ages. Also, you can dress up in traditional Thai clothes and experience different types of food through time.

The actual show features over hundreds of performers, incredible set designs, and OTT costumes. Through watching the show, you can learn about the religious beliefs that shaped Thailand into the way it is today, and also pick up on some history.

This is a must see if visiting.

9. Experience the nightlife

soi bangla road phuket thailand

Going to the Bangla Road, you will have enough nightlife that can entertain you for weeks, if not even for months. This whole street is filled with a great party atmosphere and you don’t have to be in a bar to actually soak it up. You can try the local Chang beer which is being offered by the street sellers.

Here you can find bars like the Saxophone Pub and Restaurant which is made for jazz lovers, Molly Malone’s which is an Irish bar located in Thailand, and don’t forget the Aussie Bar – the best sports bar in town.

10. Kayaking

el nido kayak smal lagoon

Big kayaking fan? Well then, this is the right place for you. Here you can go on lots of tours that take you kayaking on different and beautiful islands.

Tour operators include Two Sea Tour, which takes you to the Andaman Sea, and John Gray’s Sea Canoe. John Gray’s Sea Canoe has existed for about 12 years and they provide some of the greatest service with their 18 experienced guides.

You can also find some private day tours like Paddle Asia, which is a small family business that is specialized in jungle survival, paddle kayaking and many more. The offer tours for both first-time kayakers and experienced kayakers.

There are also tours that take you to Phang Nga Bay and kayaking in sea caves, like Sea Canoe 4U. Sea Canoe 4U also offer transport and some meals as part of their tour.

I can’t recommend getting a dry bag enough when you go for such island-hopping tours. It really saves you a lot of worry about getting your belongings wet from the sea! Check out the rest of my summer packing list here!

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11. Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old Town oldest chinese herb

One often overlooked neighbourhood is Phuket Old Town. Through weaving around the old streets and shophouses, you can catch a glimpse of what Phuket used to be like when you step into the oldest coffee store, pharmacy and traditional eateries. Look out for the streets to walk in my post: Phuket Old Town, Thailand – Where History Meets Hipster

If you are looking for a place to go to, you should definitely check Phuket out. It offers great beaches, places to swim, great nightlife, and you can even go do lots of water sports like kayaking and surfing.

Don’t forget to bring your scuba diving gear, because this is the best place for it. Even if you don’t, the tours you will be going on are going to provide you with it.

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  • Lavinia says:

    I’m Lavinia and I whant to go with my hosbant in Thailand.
    I have chosen so far tow big regions:
    Puhket and Krabi
    But from this tow I dont now how is beter to spend the holiday.
    Can you help me to chose something unforgettable?

    Thank you!


    • Krabi is much loved for its beaches and laidback atmosphere, while Phuket is a bustling city with an even more happening night life. Depending on your preferences, there’s quite a distinction between the two!

  • CBM says:

    Hi Isabel,

    This list looks amazing, but the word “transvestite” and “trannie” are very insulting words. These words are used to mock men dressed in women’s clothing instead of celebrate them, and clearly these amazing performers should be celebrated! In my experience Drag Queen is a more positive phrase.

    Again, the list looks awesome!

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