8 Top Bars and Clubs in Lisbon, Portugal

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Like I’ve mentioned briefly in this post, What is Lisbon Known For?, Lisbon is known for its nightlife. Looking for things to do in Lisbon at night? Wondering where these party nightingales thrive?

Here are 8 top bars and clubs in Lisbon you don’t want to miss.

Before I get into the specifics, there are two prominent streets where the streets come alive by night that you need to know about. Take a walk along these streets and get a feel of the energy that only heightens as the clock ticks midnight.

Bairro Alto‘s nightlife is perhaps most notorious. The plethora of bars offers something for everybody. Príncipe Real, to the north of Bairro Alto, is one to visit. Not only is it known for its antique and design shops, it also is a popular point of congregation for the gay community.

Cais do Sodré is one of the most renowned location to capture the best of Lisbon night scene, with restaurants, bars, clubs and discos splayed across this trendy spot. Music genres vary, from reggae through to African music, indie and Gothic rock. This is the one place to unleash your energy and keep your excitement fuelled throughout the night.

Cais do Sodré

8 Top Bars and Clubs in Lisbon

1. Lux. More a club than a bar, Lux is dubbed one of Europe’s top nightspots, this club hosts some of the best international DJs. While it comes with a considerable admission charge, it does not stop visitors from making this place a favourite hangout.

lux club lisboa lisbon(Source)

2. Cinco Lounge is where cocktail connoisseurs converge. Their menu is rendered irrelevant when you have got the bartender delighting you with his custom concoction based on your cocktail preferences.

Cinco Lounge(Source)

3. Trobadores is a themed medieval bar that turns the ordinary extraordinary. They serve Portuguese sausage on fire, serve beers in horns and clay glasses and play live music with bagpipes.


4. Botequim. Dubbed one of the most atmospheric of all the bars in Lisbon, this historic bar takes you into a literary world where wine is paired with poetry readings and politics discussion. This bar also boasts views of the Miradouro da Graça.


5. Maria Caxuxa. Once a bakery, the old machineries that were used in the past now don the interior. Maria Caxuxa exudes a soothing atmosphere during the week, with house music heating up on weekends.

Maria Caxuxa(Source)

6. Chapitô. More than just a bar or a restaurant, be entertained by performers such as magicians, jugglers, people on stilts. Interior and terrace seating areas are available for choosing.


7. Ginjinha do Rossio is the perfect little bar to try out ‘ginjinha’, a very popular Portuguese liqueur made from sour cherries, and also what Lisbon is known for. What makes this place cute is the cherry at the bottom of each ginjinha shot for you to nibble on at the end of your drink.

Ginjinha do Rossio(Source)

8. Clube Ferroviário is a themed bar resembling everything about a train. If you are not half impressed, the terrace views over the river will stupefy you. Concerts and events are run throughout the year, and especially so in Spring and Summer.

Clube Ferroviário(Source)


So go ahead, make the best use of your nights in Lisbon!

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