Natural parks, entertainment centres, quirky museums and a highly developed cosmopolitan city with all its modern charms and glory – Singapore is the unmatched tourist destination in Asia and beyond.

Clean, green, charming and modern Singapore is a full house entertainment for the whole family. With so much to do in this epitome of Asia, here we list seven family-friendly activities for your next family holiday to Singapore.

7 Top Family-Friendly Activities In Singapore

1. Tour the Gardens By the Bay


Supertree Grove

Take the full family for a great stroll in the Gardens by the Bay. The green and colourful world full of unique plants paint and mount the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome here. The super-trees are awesome in design and decoration, they give you shade from the sunlight at day time and display light show at night.

The Heritage garden here showcases the history of Singapore in an interactive manner. Your kids will enjoy the amazing set up of Gardens by the Bay and at the same time will get close to the colourful nature.

2. Visit the ArtScience Museum

ArtScience_Museum_viewed_from_Bayfront_Drive Singapore

The ArtScience Museum is located at the centre of Singapore by the beautiful marina bay waterfront. There are always many exciting and educational activities going on in the museum. You and the family may attend some workshops on technology, science or art.

Light and colour workshops are arranged to interactively present the wonders of science, which can be a great experience for the kids. You may enter a dark room and enjoy the dancing colours moving around from the observatories.

3. Go to Kidzania Singapore

Kidzania Singapore offers diverse and interactive fun activities for the whole family. There are role-play activities for kids which would allow the kids to play a real life character like a pilot flying a plane or a surgeon doing an operation or may be a chef preparing a staggering meal. Also, let the kids earn a little and pay for services and goods while acting as kidZos.

Together, the life skills here in the form of fun activities may be very engaging and enjoying for your kids.

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4. Enjoy the Night Safari

night safari singapore

This is the nightspot in Singapore for all ages and it has thrills for everyone. World’s first nocturnal zoo can be great after dark activity for your full family. Nocturnal wild animals in their natural habitat will amaze your kids greatly.

A guided tram ride can take the family to different zones of the safari area that are designated for different geographical locations of the world. Tribal performances in the arena is also attractive.

The teens may even take the walking trails for thrilling encounters to some of the nocturnal animals roaming around free.

5. Discover in the Singapore Discovery Centre

singapore discovery centre

This very interesting and world-class entertainment and education facility will drive the younger members of your family in their fantasy. This place is special for presenting the history of Singapore through entertainment and interactive activities.

The centre is designed with creative exhibits that offers a great chance to explore the way of life here. Gateway gallery displays the evolution of Singapore to its present form, while the Visionarium gallery will take you to a futuristic exploration of the panoramic view of the dreams and aspirations.

6. Roam around the Singapore Zoo


Singapore Zoo is world-famous for its magnificent wildlife park settings, which is probably the best in the world. Over 2800 animals are housed here and you will notice efforts the zoo has put in to immerse the animals into a habitat as natural as their own can be. More than one and a half million visitors come here every year to enjoy the immersive experience of the wildlife.

You may choose for a tram ride or can go for a foot-walk to roam around the astounding forest and have some time with the flying foxes.

Underwater galleries, glass observatories, elevated platforms and other facilities are there to make your wildlife time easier and more enjoying.

7. Be with the Birds at Jurong Bird Park


More than 8000 birds of around 600 species are housed in an area of more than twenty hectares here. Jurong Bird Park has different attractions inside like the Lory Loft Aviary, Southeast Asian Aviary, African Waterfall Aviary and Bird Discovery Centre.

Avian Hospital and the Breeding and Research Centre here is working towards improving the birds’ welfare worldwide, so your ticket will contribute to their fund. With a great day out in the midst of birds, you will be doing some good for the birds too.

Singapore is such a wonderful place that so many people backpack to visit the country and even consider moving here. Already, you can see many expats living and working here.

Enjoy your family travel in Singapore and maybe you can fall in love with this clean and wonderfully beautiful country I call home.

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